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The fancy new Elves are up for sale on the GW-Website.

I had to laugh out loud when I saw the prices .... 105 or 130 for MC Hammer-Teclis with the silly winged cat monster. I think we have hit a new low .. or high. (The prices are even more of a joke, considering the current exchange rate.)

 :icon_eek:  And the head human head with the horns on the birdcat, sheesh ... it looks terrible.  Not worth the funds ... $135? Eeek! :icon_rolleyes:

The headdress on the lady wizard looks awkward.  As does the pose for the other floating dude, although suppose it does look like an ethereal.

The archers have 3 strings on their bows. :icon_lol:

However, I'm ok with the spearmen.

Glad I have the elves from the 8th edition starter set, and some of the ones put out by a different company.  They've been posting links to their kickstarters here, although spacing the name at the moment.

The sphinx looks fine - except the head which looks terrible.

The spearmen are great, and the archers are... what they are.

It kinda annoys me though - I feel like they have invaded my head canon for elves with that. I always interpreted Elves to be more Egyptian than Greek.

Prices, as usual, impossible.

Archers and spearmen are the best of the lot for me here - just unsure on the heads, the jury is still out on the fishtail helmet plumes and the archers ones are just a bit meh.

Personally I think they'd look pretty ace with the old style helmets, possibly the dark elf shorter ones with traditional HE feathers and crests etc... Archer helmets minus the plumes might make for some interesting tilean/estalian conversions perhaps? Might be one for the back burner in a few years maybe (among everything else!).

Either way they're still 1000% better than the underwater seamonkey elves (sorry, AElves)!  :laugh:

As a separate somewhat lore based note, they mentioned in an earlier post that the big cow monsters are actually a kind of golem. Those bodies are constructed to hold mountain spirits, and thats why they look weird. The spirits "require" built in mountains apparently.

I actually kind of like the idea of spirit golems, I just wish the hammer elves didn't have the giant bull helmets. I quite like them otherwise, but I don't feel like hacking the horns off and green stuffing the top of every helmet.

Also them prices. No *surprise*, just disappointment. I like Teclis and I think his sphinx would look good with different painting, but for 200 Canadian bucks I could get two Get Started sets.


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