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When are your WFB games set?

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Michael Stockin:

Mine has pretty much been set at 2520, the standard year since say the 6th edition or so, to make certain to cut off the annoying Storm of Chaos stuff, even though the 8th edition cut it out.

Michael Stockin:

Michael W:
Before.  Storm of Chaos was GW's first try at a big invasion by Archaon, but it didn't go the way they'd hoped so they retconned it.

I don't think there's any official timeline for the rules pre-End Times other than "Karl Franz is Emperor and the threat of the next Chaos invasion is imminent."

A timeline for the different rules editions?  An intriguing question.

Perhaps the fluff of any particular edition might provide such information.  If I recall, 7th and 8th edition both featured 2522 as the year that was.

I've played in games that were dated as far back as the Crisis in Marienburg of 2201, and as far forward as the last original Animosity Campaign of 2539 (as differentiated from the new "Animosity" campaigns centered in W:AoS, although not directly affiliated with the original Animosity Campaigns from days of the Olde World).  I'm told there was one additional Animosity Campaign between the Olde World and W:AoS, although also understand that it failed to achieve the same flavor as the Animosity Campaigns of the olde days, yet I don't have a date for that one nor did I play any games associated with it.

However, folks can set there WFB games in whatever year they'd prefer.


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