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How do you guys store your Empire?

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I only ask as I'm getting to the stage now where I'm actually starting to add the weapons to my troops and find that of course the longer weapons like polearms and greatswords don't fit neatly into their little foam cells (I have KR multicases and they've previously been sat in their cells in component form).

In the long-run I hope to proudly display my army but in the meantime I'm finding that I am running out of desk-space because I am arming a regiment and then avoiding them putting them back in their foamy inserts!

Any suggestions or does everybody just take a blade to the foam so they can sit flat, with the end of their weapons encroaching into their neighbor's cell?

Might be a silly question but I just don't like cutting up the lovely squared inserts! :lol:

Heinrich von Kampfmann:
Used to have them in the big GWcase, but have magnetised my empire infantry (since the cases no longer holds all models  :biggriin:) and stuck metal sheets under the movement trays so no more picking up empire models from foam. Easier to move, unpack for games and put back in cabinette after.

Avoiding cutting foam is almost impossible, how do you fit the standards without removing foam?

Haha not got onto the standards yet  :biggriin:

I am just putting off the inevitable really aren't I... the foam shall have to be put to the sword!

Interesting about the magnets though, what size do you use on the bases and how are they secured, just superglued? When I eventually do get to display my army they will be on movement trays so having them secured down is definitely something that I'd be looking into.

Heinrich von Kampfmann:
I use these for plastic infantry on unslotted bases. Add superglue since the adhesive isn't strong enough to stay on for very long. Cheap and cheerful, easy to use.

Strong enough magnets to hold a unit upside down and not to strong so removing casualties is easy too.

Have to buy regular magnets for models on slotted bases, or cut them, but feels like it won't be good enough. I have to try someday to find out.

Aah ok I've seen some other references to this stuff, it's called 'rubber steel' or something like that isn't it? Basically like the soft flexible rubbery stuff you get on the back of small fridge magnets?

I've only ever seen it in single sheets but the fact you can get pre-cut shapes is cool. And just a thin strip of metal sheets as/on your movement trays you say?... lots to consider!


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