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There is a topic about this somewhere on W-E, and when I find it, then they can be merged.

Here is a video with 10 ideas ...

Someone in the comments mentioned log cabins, so that's cool.

I have seen people use sprues for crystals. Good tutorial here.

The Black Knight:
I remember an old WD article in which the studio team built a city fight board using the sprues to make rubble. They've run the sprues through an old, hand-operated meat grinder to break them down into smaller bits. Funnily enough they seriously advised people not to 'borrow' your mum's or your significant others kitchen gear. Back when White Dwarf actually had some decent modeling articles and was at least a bit tongue-in-cheek.

That must have been some time ago as now it's just an expensive advert leaflet.

The Black Knight:
Yeah it was from the early 2000's if I recall correctly. Good aticles all around!

The current white dwarf isn't really an ad pamphlet anymore. Got the latest one for the free Steam games (it's a really good deal). I flipped through it and found maybe 1 interesting read about 40k line of sight and how much terrain is recommended for 9th Ed. The rest is just AOS and 40k short stories, some badly lit eldar army shots, a few bland battle reports and that's it really. Not much value for me apart from the game codes (Vermintide 2 and Space Marine I haven't played yet). They stopped doing any modeling articles years ago.


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