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AOS, Oldhammer, greenskins, and the march of progress

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Seeing the new upcoming releases announced this weekend, especially the 'Sludgeraker Beast' and the 'Marshcrawla Sloggoth' I actually quite like the new direction these Kruleboyz have taken.

There's something quite unnerving about them, something sinister that the hulking Orruks never really had. Definitely leaning toward the ckunning and the menacing which I guess is what they were shooting for.

The hefty musclebound orks of old, across all versions of the hobby IMO were always kind of treated with an element of comic buffoonery (in the nicest possible meaning), like a football hooligan on steroids with cockney geezer accents. The Kruleboyz really look seriously evil in comparison.

My main issue with AoS isn't the aesthetic, it's it trying too hard to be like 40k, while deleting so much of what i enjoyed from 4th to 6th/early 7th before the books. I always hated playing 40k, reskinning it with fantasy models isn't going to change that.

I don't begrudge anyone playing it, but i'm not interested in anything past new models to use in 6th. TOW is probably going to be the same for me as well. I just don't have faith that they can make an interesting enough ruleset again to suck me back into a new edition.

My friend's kids love AoS, good on them, it's simple enough that they can learn, but so simple and quick that it doesn't feel worth setting the board up for to me. I like an hour of setting up with evening of gaming with blocks of troops and a few beers, not an evening of setting up for an hour of play. Warcry is the same for me, the setup to play ratio is too far in favour of setting up.

I do love some of the new models though, that Be'lakor model is amazing, just finished painting it. it's not fitting on the old base, but i will still use it.

If you ask the elitists what Oldhammer is, they're going to say it ended at 3rd wfb. I bug them by saying it ended when models began to be sculpted with proportions and skill.

Captain Dob Van Dwi:
I know it is a bit late but I will chime in here.

I have mixed feelings about the new kruleboyz. On the one hand they are very cool what with their whole look and that, but I also feel as if they are too LotR. To me skiny orcs in Warhammer will always be cartoony, it just fits/clicks for me.

Beefy orcs will always be freakish (6th-8TH) in my mind.

Middle of the road orcs with always be 5th.

Idk. It just odd seeing orcs that are not quite skinny, not quite beefy but yet also somehow not being middle of the road bugs me.

Going to Necro this one a bit too :)

The now-not-so-new Kruleboys infantry look great, a real callback to the days of Ruglud's Armoured Orcs, and a look for Orcs that actually makes them look menacing, something that has been missing from GW orcs since...well, the 90s.. The mounted models, many of the characters and monsters suffer under the general messy AOS aesthetic that has plagued GW ever since CAD was introduced to miniature design.

An interesting point reguarding the use of computer sculpting.  There are folks that are doing a decent job, although such hasn't always been the case.  It is a different medium, and so I am sure it has its challenges, perhaps even limitations as well as strengths.


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