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Looks like W:AoS seems to be returning to "rank and file" because coherency now seems to require a tighter placement ...

Its pretty interesting. There actually has been a lot of rank and file rules already. Several units get various kinds of bonus if their bases are touching, their in a shieldwall, or stuff like that. This is a pretty interesting change cause mostly what its doing is shortening the existing distance. Conga lines across the board should be impossible now.

The video is pretty good. I like how he actually sets the models up to show how it works. Very helpful.

I agree.  The idea of those conga lines was a bit off putting to me.  I get that in military situations skirmish lines were used, but it seems unlikely such long lines could really exist from a command and control perspective.  And yes, that video seemed very helpful.

Artobans Ghost:
I thought there was a rule about engagement. You could crash the line and disengage next round and continue on to where your destination was. Either way the Congo line reminds me too much of when slayers could line up in wfb and hold you up for a good amount of time. Perfectly legal but the piss off factor was no less


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