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There was some truly stupid ways of abusing conga lines. I once saw someone who got into a fight and used their reform to stretch into a line half way across the board to snag an objective no one was near. Technically legal to, albeit something that would result in a lot of hurt the next turn when someone in the middle dies and half the unit ceases to exist. This is kind of just cleaning up previous efforts to get rid of that stuff.

Interesting to see how displeased a lot of the comments are. Personally its how I always played units anyway so I'm not really that affected, but it does seem like an unfortunate hit to skirmishers and cavalry. I wonder if they'll have some kind of built in exception because of the larger bases.

My sense is it is hurting the hitting ability of cavalry, unless there is a rule in the new book we just don't know about yet for counting cav that can't make contact but are in the same unit.  It just makes sense to let them attempt to score.

Skirmishers not being able to hit, doesn't bother me as much at the moment, yet some how I can see that being able to count them only makes sense as well.  Plus regular units of infantry attacking in column, so to speak, hopefully there's some ability to have a real melee.

I don't like AOS, but I do think this is an interesting rule. I wonder if they had done something like this for WFB back in the day, if it would have helped spark interest in the game. I have see some weird things involving flank attacks and so on where I was like, in real life, the defender wouldn't have just sat there and been pounded on the flank. The strict rules on moving, the facing of the unit, and all that, I think it made the game complex. This removes much of that. I guess instead of rank bonus you could just reward based on the unit size or something.

I really wonder what would have happened to WFB had they not destroyed the old world, but changed the mechanics to allow troops to move like this. Of course, moving around 20-man units one model at a time would also be annoying too. But I think this makes a lot more sense given the scale of the game, than the rank and file WFB has done.

Old Stonebeard:
Positioning and movement has always been incredibly important in AOS. I honestly don't see this rule changing much.

Conga lining was something I did in WHFB with gunlines. In AOS it was mostly used to tag two objectives with the same unit.

Old Stonebeard

Well if ya conga line under WAoS 3rd, and ya lose a figure, according to the video ya keeping losing figures until the remaining figures are with in the rules governing coherency.  That's quite a way to lose most of the unit.

Maybe they'll be an update on that though, GW doing what it does.


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