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Advice for Free Guild conversion.

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Captain Dob Van Dwi:
I do not play AoS in any way but the lore is alright. As I said before it is merely reskined D&D with Warhammer elements tacked on. In this, I have found myself drawn to the lore of the Living City.

I have this idea in my head about modeling one of the City's Free Guild Captains. I have run in too a roadblock though, just what bits and models I should use?

Obviously the captain/general on foot is a good place to start:

But sure where to go from here. I found this nifty punch at Green Stuff World that would allow me to potentially make his cloak all nice and leafy:

But what else? An antlered helmet maybe, could that work? Mossey armour?

The alternative would be to convert an Excelsis captain.

For that I would start with Radukar as a base:

I would then remove the manky sword and wolf iconography from the right sleeve. Since I like the scarred right pectoral (very Realm of Ghur) I'll probably be keeping those. The real question is his head. Should I switch to somthing else or keep it and simply remove the wolf badge and fangs?


There was an Empire helmet from the Demigryph knights that had large horns on it. I love it but it hasn't fit well with my Wissenlander's just yet, I've got it earmarked for use on a Hochland general instead.

Maybe that could work for a beastly/animalistic sort of vibe?

Other than that I'm assuming the living city has pretty strong wood elf themes? The Bretonnian Green Knight was sort of leafy to a degree?

That almost looks like a Chaos helmet. :icon_eek: :icon_lol:

Old Stonebeard:

--- Quote from: GamesPoet on October 11, 2021, 08:41:21 PM ---That almost looks like a Chaos helmet. :icon_eek: :icon_lol:

--- End quote ---

Maybe, but itís a pre-AOS sculpt.

Captain Dob Van Dwi:
The Living City does indeed have Wood Elf elements (though all order Alignment peoples are welcome within it) and it did occur to me to include some wood Elf bits. Don't know what kits would be good though.

Didn't know about that DG Knight helmet though. That is something worth considering. 


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