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Well I am just amazed how much I like 4th and 5th edition

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I really had no interest in WFB during their 4th and 5th runs for various reasons, but after getting the starters, I can't get over how much fun I am having with these sets. Where I preferred the grimdark brought in during 6th, I find the color of the older sets kind of refreshing. Same with the designs.

I originally set out with the 4th starter to get all the miniatures needed to play the scenario, replacing the card units with their metal counterparts. But scope creep as creeped in a little bit and I ended up expanding on both armies a little. Partly to give me some variety but I also thought I would give me some of the options that my 5th armies have, so if I wanted to use the High Elves from 4th to fight the Bretonians from 5th, I would have champions, standards, and musicians and so forth. So I have command groups for my High Elf spearmen, an army standard, and something I am super stoked about - the old Silver Helms.

I know there are newer metal ones with more stylish horses but when I saw these I just about died. Had to have them. I also picked up a standard and champion to lead them.

I also managed to find just the body of Eltharion who came on the High Elf War Griffon, who I am going to put on the legs of a silver helm and give me an option to make my general on a horse than the over-powering Griffon for smaller games.

For the goblins I also got a couple of old command guys, 3 STONE TROLLS which I have always loved, and decided to incorporate one of the Goblin Chariots I had bought for 6th, painting it up in the brighter colors of the older days.

To top things off, I picked up a bunch of the old banners for both armies. You know the old stickers they sold in blister packs.

So pretty excited about all. What also really has me excited is how all I needed was the box set. Since the game came with the Warhammer Armies mini book, I have everything I need to field what I have, so don't really need the army books. The same book includes some spells for wizards so I don't need the Warhammer Magic expansion. I am all set. Love it!

As for 5th, I mentioned before that I expanded my Bretonnians and Lizardmen to match the example armies in the Battles book and thats all been done, even getting the Skinks on Cold Ones. I really don't plan on expanding on either, except maybe the Bretonnians using the 4th ed Warhammer Armies book mention above - like the cannon they have. I have see them on eBay and think they look pretty cool.

I was considering doing a 5th army - Empire, but I would want the meat of it to include those old Halberdiers, but they seem expensive and hard to find shields for. But since I already have the 6th starter army, and then the later Battalion set and some expansions, I think I have enough Empire.

One of the things I really like about these earlier editions are the smaller unit sizes. I know units of 5 wont last long, but if I ever wanted to try out some random unit, thats all it would take. Its actually making the later 10 man units kind of annoying.

Anyway, I have reset my hobby a bit, and plan on building and painting the 4th edition armies first them working my way up, even if most of the later edition starters have been built, I am just not going to paint them yet. I want to build these armies, play 4th for awhile, and work my way up through the rest of the systems. I am dying to start the 5th armies, but making myself wait.

I really wish I got to play these in their prime.

Ah, the nostaligia of 4th and 5th, you can still play them now.  Have fun! :::cheers:::

And those Silver Helms do look sweet. :icon_biggrin:

Michael Stockin:

I like 5th when i just want to use a character that plows through everything and stays alive. Herohammer at it's finest, it's where i started playing and played for years. 6th will always be my main game, but i'll throw a game of 5th out there once in a while. The models I have are a mix of 4th-aos, whatever was cheapest at the time. I'm only picky on if the unit is coherent or not, the army can be brought together with the paint scheme

Yeah I am not really intending to get into the over-powering characters, although between the High Elf War Griffon and Grom's chariot I wouldn't be surprised to see some heads troll. But its also why I wanted to expand a little on each army to give me some alternatives and use less imposing character models.

Speaking of characters, I think its interesting in 4th and 5th how unit champions come from the character pool. If you are playing expensive characters, then it looks like you have to be a little choosy on who gets a champion, which I think is pretty cool. I am used to the later edition lists where everyone has that option. I prob prefer the later, but I really like how the early ones are different.


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