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All this talk of Demigryphs and mythical beasts recently has made me wonder - I remember reading that as well as Deathclaw, the good Emperor KF himself could also take the Imperial Dragon as a mount (8th ed I think...?).

However, I have never once seen an example of Karl Franz making an appearance on said dragon in anybody's collections that I've come across. The only Empire dragon I have ever known is the Forge World one with the character of Elspeth Von Draken.

Has anybody ever fielded KF on the dragon or know anybody who has?! Have you ever even seen an example of KF on the big lizard from anywhere in the world before?

Tell me what you know! :::cheers:::

Back when I first got into the game in the late 90's, most of the people I played with were using then-recent large monsters in their armies. One guy had a dragon which he would just blu-tac a knight to proxy as Karl Franz. I don't remember anyone complaining. I guess it just depends on who your playing against.

All I know ... and all I care, is that my Karl Franz rides a Griffon.  And I don't mean that huge fat thing that he was last seen riding before the time that shall not be real.  I mean that 6th Edition dude, which maybe it was made before that, but what do I know? Not much. :icon_wink: :icon_lol:

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
The Imperial Dragon as mount for KF was introduced in 7th edition. Here are some previous threads with suggestions:

I loath the model of KF on Deathclaw - he looks every inch a prince - a Prince Carnival. That model is an insult to the Empire. The best model for KF is the 6ed EC on Griffon. A Griffon that has not been fed so much on hormones and steroids that it now borders on the obese, but is a lean, mean killing machine.

Captain Dob Van Dwi:
The questionableness of chonky Deathclaw aside, KF on dragon is somthing that is almost never done. Mostly because there is no real Imperial Dragon model that I am aware of.

I think perhaps they included it in the 7th Ed book for the sake of encouraging people to get in too conversions. However a dragon of the era is a massive project not just to paint but also assemble. Remember that this is before the introduction of resin or plastic beasts/monstrous mounts, all metal.

By the time the plastic and resin dragons did start to appear was pretty much the end of 7th Ed, not to mention that dragons were pretty obsolete by that point...


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