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Rules and Regulations
« on: January 11, 2005, 07:49:27 PM »

In order to make your forum experience as enjoyable as possible, we ask you to abide by the following set of house rules:

Forum Use
- Please do not use animated images for your forum avatar.

- Please do not use any images in your signature.

- Please do not use any functions which interact with another user's IP address or which collect/use information from users.

-Posts made on the forums may not include the following:
    * Defamation or Personal Attacks
    * The use of excessive Profanity
    * The use of racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language, including use in a pejorative manner.

Copyrights and Advertising

- This website conforms to Games Workshop's (GW) Intellectual Property (IP) pollicies. Refer to this site for details. Additionally, by using this site you agree to follow and uphold our Terms of Use. In general, if you follow these general guidelines you should be safe:

--> Please do not present complete stat lines from any GW copyrighted source. You may present individual stats in the context of a forum debate or clarification.

--> Please do not copy and present any GW copyrighted material; this includes text and artwork, among others. You may quote specific passages from any GW source in the context of a forum debate, as long as they are placed within quotation marks and properly cited to the source; ie. publication and page number.

- You are not allowed to ask for, or offer, illegal copies of any GW copyrighted material - digital or otherwise - through this site.

- You are not allowed to advertise any website out of context. That is; you are allowed to mention a helpful site in the course of a forum thread, but you are not allowed to simply plug a site "out of the blue".


- The Owner, Administrators, and Moderators of Warhammer-Empire.com (staff) reserve the right to apply whatever disciplinary measure they see fit at any point in time, to any member(s), for any reason.

- Disciplinary measures range from the editing or deleting of individual posts found in violation of forum rules or guidelines, to (permanent) banishment from the forums as a whole, and include whatever fitting temporary or permanent modifications to a user's status which are offered by the forum's engine.

- Any problems with individual staff members or staff policy as a whole should be presented by email to a staff member.

Thank you,

-- Warhammer-Empire.com Staff
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