Author Topic: Question about tonights battle -v- Bretonnians?  (Read 2148 times)

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Question about tonights battle -v- Bretonnians?
« on: June 27, 2003, 10:10:34 PM »
My opponent had 3 units of Knights of the Realm in lance formation and he had damsels in two of them. During the course of the battle some units were reduced to sufficient numbers so that the Dansel then had to 'slide' out to the edge of the unit.  When she is in this position is she still blocked by the other members of the unit for magic missile spells and spells that require line of sight?

Does the Storm of Chronos require LoS?

I'm feeling a bit guilty about using a tactic I read on this forum ( I think)

For the second game in a row the scenery in tonights battle scattered in my favour ( using WPS rules) so that there were two 'choke points' to get into my deployment zone. The extreme flanks were clear but it was a long way around.  I had only two war machines and the rest were infantry as an experiment. I had 5 detachments that really screwed things up for the Bretonnians. Anyhow, my question:

There was a low hill smack in the middle of the table just in front of my deployment zone. I rushed out 2 units of Free Company detachments to screw up his charges. He charged one unit, killed them and over ran into my flagellants who were in combat with another of his Knights of the Realm. I positioned my unit of 10 Free Company about 1 inch from his 'side'. When the combat with the Flagelants was over he had no room to manouvere at all. His other side was blocked by his own unit in combat with my Swordsmen.

So he spent the rest of the battle stuck there. There was no room to reform because you have to reform around the middle of the existing unit.

It just felt so wrong.

What do you think?

Question about tonights battle -v- Bretonnians?
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BWAHAHAHA!!!!! :twisted:

 Well, it's up to you of course.. I could imagine your opponent being really pissed off.