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The Imperial Tour
« on: January 11, 2005, 08:12:02 PM »
An introduction to what is on the Warhammer-Empire.com site.

You have obviously found your way to the Forums Index page, and into the "Welcome to the Empire - Guide Help and Rules" Forum.

I'll hold the horses while you jump aboard the Imperial Coach, and take you on the short trip round the 'sites' (pun intended).

The Forums:

"Welcome to the Empire - Guides, Help and Rules"

Here you will find all the required information to help you enoy your love of the empire, and get the best out of your decision to become a member. You will also find guidance on the etiquette and behaviour we ask everyone to follow, so that this site remains the finest of its kind.
We have also introduced independent threads for each of the Provinces and City States of the Empire, and a Poll to show allegiances. This will, we hope, be helpful both to new members as an introductory guide to the flavour of each army choice and what's currently popular, and what's not so well supported.
The individual Province threads are exempt from threadomancy rules - we want new members to continue to add and take part in them.

"The Town Square"

This is our soap box, where all members are welcome to lay down their halberd and give us your comments or suggestions on the web site.
There are limitations on the technical side, explained further elsewhere in this forum, but new ideas are always welcomed.

"The Altdorf Press"

Hot off the Imperial presses, with the ink still wet on the parchment, this is the place you'll get the latest updates on what is happening across the site.

"The Electors' Forum"

This is our main discussion area and the 'hall' for all our generals to debate on all things relative to our beloved Empire.
A chance for you to sheath your weapon and prove that the pen (or keyboard) is mightier than the sword.
Very much an on-topic forum about all aspects of being an empire general.

"The Brush and Palette"

The forum where you can present to your fellow empire generals you latest masterpiece. Also the place to go when you need advice on how to sculpt a cloak or highlight a halberdier?  Pull up a chair and share your secret techniques that make your collection exquisite.
It is also where you will find our Conversion Contest sticky - we are trying to run an Empire related competition every couple of months or so.

"The Imperial Office"

The breeding ground for all our inspiring archives. Here you can present articles for consideration for submission to the War Room, the Library, or the Craftsmans' Workshop.
Here too you can see or enter modelling and painting tips
We also have Links to the rest of the Warhammer World, and all sorts of interesting places for our hobby.

"The Parade Ground"

A separate board for you to post your Empire army lists for peer critique - have our combined tactical genius go through your list with a fine-toothed comb to squeeze out every last drop of combat effectiveness!

The following Boards are only accessible to registered members.

"Count's Tavern"

This is our own OT forum. Here you can discuss, with normal due respect, other Warhammer related topics, such as RPGs, Mordheim, Man O' War, Path to Glory, and even 4 (- no I cannnot bring myself to type it), and other stuff if you are so inclined.

"Trading Post"

The Trading Post is where you can go to swap your wares with fellow members. There are strict guidelines to posting in this board, as it is important anyone can identify what you seek to hire to your army, or what is deserting your cause to sell their services elsewhere.

"The War of Ostermark Succession"

Our first in-house campaign, now completed.

The Inspiration of the Archives

"War Room"

A veritable royal banquet of over 50 excellent articles.
Including analysis of our own Army list entries, how to beat specific foes, and many other dissertations on related matters.


A collection of fiction and non fiction articles to fire the imagination.


A collection of miniatures pictures from members of this site, and some of the best work from across the web. Something for all of us to aspire to.


Articles on modelling, conversions and painting. Tips and ideas to enhance your army and terrain.

The Other Bits

You will also find on the Forum pages, below the Main Header, and above the actual forum main box, several little blue bits such as:
Help: to help you navigate the forum, and rundown of forum standards that Warhammer-Empire use.
Search: to help you find previous posts on given subjects.
Profile: This is where your details are, and you can update them at any time.
My Messages: Takes you to a listing of all the Private Messages currently in your inbox.
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