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Albrecht von Hinkel:
Here's the list I'm thinking about using at the next tournament. I wanted more men but I don't have time so here's the list:


Elector Count with great weapon, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Holy Relic, Armour of Meteoric Iron
Total: 186
(Leading the Swordsmen)

Battle Standard Bearer with Banner of Sigismund, full plate armour
Total: 143
(Assigned to the Swordsmen)

Battle Wizard with 2 dispel scrolls
Total: 110

Battle Wizard with Seal of Destruction
Total: 110

Core units:

35 spearmen with full command carrying Griffon Banner
Total: 320

23 swordsmen with full command
Total: 186

25 halberdiers with full command
Total: 175

20 free companies divided into 2 detachments (not sure who's gonna lead them)
Total: 100

10 crossbowmen (I'm not sure who they are gonna be detachment for)
Total: 80

5 foresters
Total: 50

8 Inner Circle Knights with full command carrying Steel Banner
Total: 273

Special Units:

2 cannons
Total: 200

5 pistoliers, Marksman with Repeater Pistol
Total: 112

Total: 1995

Models in army: 141
Dispel dice: 4
Power dice: 4
Total for characters: 549
Total for core: 1134
Total for special: 312
Total for rare: 0

Little rough list but nice enough, what' ya think?

intrepidjohnny: helblasters... weird

I like the Steel Banner in your Knights, but I think the War Banner is a better choice.  You may even want to take the Knight Unit down to 6 and use the almost 50 pts for more detachments.  A 5 man archer detachment would be nice.  You could either march block or screen one of your troop blocks from missile spells and shooting.  

I'm a big fan of the Seal of Destruction.  I like to try it on my enemy's best spell.  Makes them "gunshy" the next game.  Nice if you get rid of a Skaven Warlocks only spell!

Albrecht von Hinkel:
yep, no helblasters. I like more troops then lots of artillery. And yes, I love the Seal of Destruction (made my opponent lose the VC incantation spell BWAHAHA). If I had the time I would have had more march blockers (and another squad of pistoliers) but since the tournament is in less then 3 weeks I have to limit myself to just paint 5 crossbowmen, 14 militia, 1 wizard and 1 standard bearer... so... And yeah, I was thinking about the War Banner, and overall I think thats the best idea, cuz that extra D3 charge range hasn't helped me too much so...

Here goes what i used in my last game against a VC army, and what will probably be the core of my army in the august tournament.

- Elector Count Adolf Hermann, on foot, leading the spearmen, with:
Fullplate Armour, Sword of Power, Enchanted Shield, Holy Relic / 187pts
- Battle Wizard, Lvl 1, with 2 dispel scrolls. / 110 pts
- Battle Wizard, Lvl 1, with 2 dispel scrolls. / 110 pts
- Warrior Priest: Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Barded Warhorse, Icon of Magnus, leading the Knights of the Blazing Sun  / 147 pts
- 26 Spearmen Count's Troops: standard bearer and musician (banner of griffon) / 247 pts
- 19 Swordsmen: full command. Detachment: Free Company - 9 / 203 pts
- 9 Knights of the Blazing Sun: inner circle, full command / 274 pts
- 8 Knights of the White Wolf: inner circle, full command, war banner (+1 CR) / 289 pts
- Great Cannon / 100 pts
- Great Cannon / 100 pts
- Hellblaster Volley Gun / 125 pts
- 10 Huntsmen: with marksman / 106 pts
Casting Pool: 4
Dispel Pool: 5

This gave me a victory by massacre, more than 2500 victory points, but i'm unsure about other armies. If i had enough models i would raise the number of swordsmen and place new detachments. My magic phase is totally defensive, the artillery is for support, i have no handgunners to give me more tactical options, like go offensive. What do you think?


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