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Dutch GT report (long)
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Round 1

vs Blood Dragons, played by Steven

Steven was a very nice guy from the Western part of Belgium. He took a vampire count with extra hand weapon, with a 1+ save, killing blow and rerolling hits in hth, a necromancer with 2 scrolls, a thrall with killing blow and reroll hits in hth and last but not least a Wight Lord with the evil sword which killing blows on 5+. 22 zombies, 19 skellies, 4 spirit hosts, 6 ghouls 9 black knights with banner of hitting on 3+, 2 units of 3 fell bats and ... a black coach completed his army.

The black coach surprised me, as an Empire player I had never seen one in action. Not against Empire of Dwarfs anyway. Taking one to a tournament where great weapon wielding Chaos heroes and Cannons rule supreme seemed a gamble to me.

After me winning first turn and destroying the coach with a well-placed cannon shot he advanced his black knights behind a screen of spirit hosts with on either side the zombies and skellies. After one round of 2 hochlands shooting at his necro he hid him in the forest with the poor man. I carefully maneuvered for the killing blow while hammering him with all I had. In turn 3 I declared a flank charge with both my knight units and my swordsmen, all 3 at the spirit hosts. The idea was breaking these with CR in one turn and overrunning into the Black Knights. With 2 flank charges, a griffon banner and a warbanner this should be possible. Alas; my swordsmen failed their leadership, needing 9's. so did my regular knights, needing 9's too. Only my IC knights passed their test and charged in. Alone and unsupported. Sigh. I expected to fail one of the tests but two out of three was a bit much. Anyway; the host could not damage my knights and with standard and warbanner I won, scoring measly 2 wounds. In the end I overcame these with the help of the swordsmen while the black knights broke and destroyed my 'regular' knights. At the end of the game he had left 4 black knights plus Wight lord, some zombies and his Blood Dragon Count. I had had a fair bit of losses too, especially him killing my general (with a killing blow of course) so the net result was that I fell just short of a major victory. Ah well; a minor as an appetizer is not bad at all.

result; minor victory. (13 points)

Lessons learned;
I hate spirit hosts.
I hate killing blow.

Round 2

vs Slaanesh Mortals, played by Jacques

He fielded a very small army indeed; one chariot, one unit of 15 chosen warriors, one of 5 chosen knights, 2 spawn of Slaanesh, one sorcerer lvl 2 going with the warriors, an exalted hero on steed of Slaanesh and last but not least; a Demon-prince. The latter was a true horror prince from hell; he had the blade of the ether, ignoring armour saves, he always struck first and he could reroll misses in the first round of combat.

Initially things seemed to go really well for him with slaaneshi spells hurting me really bad. He constantly tried to frenzy my warmachine crews with a spell (he had it twice) or make them do nothing for a turn. He succeeded quite admirably in turn 2 on one cannon crew and the hellblaster while pressing on with all his army. He then threatened my remaining cannon with the chariot and his remaining 3 knights while his warriors had stayed just out of short range of my hellblaster. His exalted had ran all around my back and threatened my rear, the demon prince landed next to my immune (frenzy!) cannon crew and panicked my mortar crew. When in my magic phase both the frenzied cannon plus hellblaster crew suffered enough S3 hits to kill them and my other cannon misfired things looked bleak. Only when the single remaining mortar crew-member rallied (important!) and the pistoliers ran up to the exalted and killed him with up close and personal pistol fire while both knight units maneuvered to catch the elusive flying demon prince things looked slightly better. Well; that and me routing his knights with my swordsmen. His chariot charged and killed my cannon, overrunning into my gunners. His demon prince killed my regular knights while in my turn the spawns were killed and the mortar crew was close enough to walk up to the hellblaster. (hehe) I let rip a short-range volley at the warriors, combined with pistolier and handgun fire it was enough to vaporize these. He then proceeded to avoid my blackpowder with his remaining (now rallied) knights and demon minimizing his loss to a solid one.

result; solid victory (15 points)

Lessons learned;
Hellblasters are rightly feared. If you use up all your misfires with your cannons an mortar they are painfully destructive at short range. (24 hits=sweet)
Demon Princes of Slaanesh are worse than nasty!

Round 3

vs Strigoi, played by Wilger

A very, very sporting player (trying to convince me that certain misses were hits even if they were not with a nasty Strigoi army. Not a single cavalry model but bad to the bone. He brought a Strigoi Count with iron sinews and infinite hatred and 3 lvl 2 necro's with staff of damnation. A unit of 20 skellies with Full command, 3 units of 16 (!) ghouls including ghast, a unit of 30 (!!!) Grave Guard, 3 spirit hosts and a banshee.

On my left flank there was a piece of impassable water scenery with a ford in the middle. I tried a 'horns' tactic with my IC knights fielded on my right flank and my other knights at the left flank. the plan was shooting in the center, engaging with the swordsmen at the last moment, harassing with the pistoliers where needed while the knights would swing round and engage the slower enemy from the flanks or -preferably- from behind. His necro's hid behind the immense screens of ghouls and he shambled his troops towards me while his banshee moved towards -but out of charge arc- my IC knights and screamed 4 of them to death. The magic phase was painful with him enlarging his skellies and vanhellsing his Grave Guard. I clung onto my meager dispel dice and dispelled him raising new units only. In my turn the regular knights proceeded running around a building on my left ending up behind the enemy in turn 3. The IC champion plus my hero charged (I dropped the standard instead of the champion, beardy, I know) a unit of ghouls, winning, breaking them and destroying them. They crashed with an incredible 15" pursue into a necro. The next turn he charged my swordsmen and killing my general with a killing blow. I still won the battle thanks to the Griffon standard and the flank charge but his Strigoi lord prepared to charge my free company the next turn. Which he did but to no avail; he killed a few fc but still lost combat! And the best of it was that the Strigoi lord suffered a wound too. Swordsmen rule! The turn after that I charged in with my second detachment and after four losing turns of combat (2 game turns) the Grave Guard went poof, along with the Strigoi Lord. The rest was short and sweet.

result; Crushing victory.

Lessons learned;
Banshees do either pretty good or nothing
Swordsmen rule! With a Griffon standard they are evil! (I knew this but seeing it is different)
I HATE killing blow.

Round 4

vs Tomb Kings, played by Martijn

Now things were getting a bit more tense. Playing board 6 now I knew it was crunch time. Win this one and I'd end up in the top for the last battle. The scenario (capture; effectively worth 1200 points!) was to my advantage since you had to be there with most models. (not US! models counted!) The downside was that I had never played Tomb Kings and he was obviously good with them. Could be a hard lesson to learn.

He placed a Tomb King in Flaming Chariot, 3 liche priests with a casket of souls, 2 units of 16 archers, one unit of 3 chariots, a Scorpion, 3 carrion, 2 units Ushabti and a skull chucker. He got first turn. (ouch)

In an intense, very exciting game I forgot to move my IC knights in the first turn (doh! 1st price for stupidity) and they took revenge by failing their fear test twice ina row after swinging round my left flank. Thus not destroying the archers and crashing into the casket. Making life really miserable for me. On my right I failed a charge with my regular knights who ended up with Ushabti looking at their side. They fled and rallied close to my center, just in time for the emerging scorpion. With their S3 they did nothing but kept it busy. AFTER it ate my hellblaster crew. On the far right the pistoliers charged and utterly destroyed all three chariots (hurray for warrior-priests and hatred) overrunning into the skullchucker with only 2 models. Only to fail to cause a single wound. Due to outnumber the skellies lost one crew but the Tomb King charged in his turn in their side and destroyed my precious pistoliers. In the midgame the TK turned towards the center only to find his chariot shot to pieces by my cannon while my swordsmen rested comfy on the point to capture. A firs tunit of Ushabti's charge in but I destroyed them. The second unit of Ushabti's however could maneuver in the mean time and charge a turn later into the flank of the swordsmen. Guess what? They landed a killing blow on him. Suffice to say that combined with the frontal charge of skelly archers it took them 2 turns but they broke the swordsmen. The only highlight was my mortar landing spot on the Casket for the umpteenth time and killing the guards and liche priest. Noteworthy was the volley of 5 shots of my huntsmen at his flying hierophant. (who forgot the humble huntsmen)  They rolled three hits! If only two of these had been 4+ but luck was not on my side this battle. The single wound meant nothing.

In the end I actually was slightly ahead of him with victory points (some 825 vs 625ish) if it had not been for the 1200 point worth point he captured.

Result: solid loss

Lessons learned;
(shall I say something about killing blow?)
Flank charges are really bad. Better avoid these.
Tk magic is awesome. It really, really raped me.
Don't forget to move your knights. Painful, not to say incredibly stupid.

Round 5

vs Bretonnia, played by Rudy

Rudy fielded 3 lances of 10; one knights Errant, one Knights ot realm and one Grail knights. Furthermore 6 horse archers, 20 peasants with spears and a pegasus.

Trouble was; Terrain channeled his movements into 2 killing zones. (I made sure of that) and to really ram down the fact that I had a refund for my bad luck the last battle I got first turn.

Suffice to say that my cannon-fire was devastating and my Hellblaster did not misfire. The handgunners did the rest. Most painful was that my swordsmen charged (!) his knights of the Realm. Breaking them. My IC knights redeemed themselves and charged a remaining 5 Grail-knights including General, breaking and destroying them. Game over in turn 3. Actually the most boring game I had at the tournament.

result; massacre

Lessons learned;
You really need the blessing as a Bret player.
You really need the blessing as a Bret player.
You really need the blessing as a Bret player.
You really need the blessing as a Bret player.
You really need the blessing as a Bret player.
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