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Helmut Feuerbach
« on: July 04, 2003, 01:19:26 PM »
well i have a talabecland army and in a white dwarf donĀ“t remember which one it said he was the elector count so is there going to be rules for him you think?

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Helmut Feuerbach
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The name appeared in a battle report with Empire and Chaos. Where Volkmar where killed by Archaon, WD 271.

The Empire player was then Alessio and he named the Talabheim Elector Count Helmut Feuerbach.

Could be a name stated as the Elector Count somewhere but it could possibly a mere coincidence. If you want to play with your EC as Helmut Feuerbach, sure go ahead! Maybe anyone here have heard the name elsewhere?
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Helmut Feuerbach
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No it's not a coincidental name, it has been mentioned in some white dwarf. If I remember correctly it was with the conclave of light.

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Helmut Feuerbach
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I think he was mentioned in the article on the origins of the steam tank. He supposedly bought one of them and outfitted it with twin volleyguns.
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