Author Topic: Like leaves before the wind  (Read 1109 times)

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Like leaves before the wind
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The dust begins to settle around the uneasy watchmen, the crows no longer circle but feed upon the hapless Stirlanders who litter the ground.

The figure of an Ulrican priest holds his hands high and blesses the victors ..

"Oh Mighty men of Middenland you have driven your foe before yee once again!
Like leaves they blow meakly against our defences and can do no harm!"

"Let the name of the Uneasy Watchmen forever be a lesson to the heathen who dares bring arms against us and our brothers from Kislev!"

"You have faced an onslought of thousands intent on massacre, but we did not yield, nay we called upon Ulric who did smite our enemies before us. Run you dogs of Martin."

and there was much chearing to be heard from the men of Middenland and their brothers of Kislev ...
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