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Rufas the Eccentric:
I am renaming this thread as the topic has moved beyond the dwarf/Ogre alliance to encompas all potential alliances.

The Ogres have offered an Alliance with the Dwarves of Bugman's Brewery.  I'm not that big on the  entire campaign thing but thought you would like to know.  Your faithful spy, Rufas the E. 

Peachy! Lets get the Woodies on side then to help us deal with the Brets.

Powder Monkey:
Yes, let's have the Wood Elves join! We can propably use them to escort our big forest burning warmachine to places we want to turn into scorched wastelands. That'll make the woodies happy!  :icon_biggrin:

Your PM

My Mummy told me not to play with matches so I have still not bought into this whole torching our livlehoods, but then I also do not use napalm to make toast. The reason I was thinking of the woodies was because they would support us in not allowing the cheese munchers in taking our land.

Rufas the Eccentric:
If you want to get the wood elves on board, then a formal proposal "in charachter" would be best.  The Ogres certainly went all out in their approach to the Dwarves.


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