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So what happened exactly?

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I hear the dwarfs won but how did the other races rank a how did we do?
Also any one has a link on the story so i can see what exactly happened in this campaign.

Thanks in advance.

Dendo Star:
I shall post a summary shortly.

Thanks mate :D

You could also go to the weekly reports and conclusion here.

Dendo Star:
Well, do do that.

Also, we have all the nasty behind-the-scenes actions here. :happy:

I'll give a decent rundown here, and maybe once we get some input it can be refined for something worthy of a report of record.  Remember, GW stated that this campaign would have more than 1 winner, and there were. 

We here at the forum (which will be referred henceforth as "The Empire") tried to find races (other online communities that play certain Warhammer races) to ally with.  We sent forth many members to act as diplomats to other races' forums.  In all cases, each man acting as a diplomat performed excellently. 

In both fluff and reality, Dwarfs made it clear they wanted nothing to do with us.  The Dwarf online community at Bugman's Brewery (henceforth to be known as the Dwarfs) denied any form of cooperation.  Through our diplomats we were able to eventually agree to write fluff together and agree to not report battles and strife in fluff between our 2 races.  The Dwarfs eventually got 1st overall in the campaign and became the top "winners".  They did very well in the campaign.

The High Elves at (henceforth referred to as the High Elves - you get the idea on how this works :-D) allied early on with the Dwarfs.  They, in accordance with their alliance with the Dwarfs, decided to not ally with us but were happy to write fluff with us and not write negative things regarding us.  High Elves indeed placed high at the campaign's conclusion.

The Ogres at the Ogre's also allied with the Dwarfs in the campaign's early stages.  They cold not ally with us do to this alliance Dwarfs, just like the High Elves.  Now, the Ogres performed admirably in the campaign not only as fighters on the points board of the campaign website, but as diplomats, storytellers, in-character roleplayers - you name it.  I find that the Ogre community really proved it is first rate to me due to how they performed in all aspects of this campaign.  The Ogres did pretty poor throughout the campaign, but get credit for being part of the winning block of alliances.

The Lizardmen at The Pyramid Vault were open to speaking with us of the Empire, but in the end also joined more or less with the Dwarfs.  They did fairly well in the overall War.  They did agree to assist us in defending our coasts from the invading Tomb Kings and possible Chaos Elf incursions.

The Wood Elves (whose community website's name escapes me - little help!) were fittingly non-aligned overall.  About half wished to side with the Dwarfs, about half wished to ally with us.  They performed really well in the campaign.

Now, Bretonnia did fully ally with us.  Thank crazy, loin-clothed Sigmar.  Bretonnia kicked serious ass in the War, and we get credit for being on their side!  Heheh.  Their community is at The Roundtable Of  We agreed not to ally so they could take our land (which they denounced) but to repel the invasion of Settra and The Tomb Kings*, possibly claim dual ownership of Marienburg and for other security and assistance benefits.

*I'll get to this in a second.

Dogs of War allied on many sides, and a good many fought for us!  Without those who signed up to fight for us I do not think we would have done nearly as well as we did.  I like to think of them as quite the godsend!

Ah...and the Orcs.  The Greenskin online community at Da were exceptional!  Naturally, we could not ally with them, but we did everything else together - wrote fluff, coordinated events, chided each other...they were awesome.  A good buncha lads they got over there.  With this campaign, our two communities really bonded.  And that is a good and lasting thing.  They did bad in the campaign, but performed amazingly in it's inner workings.

The Chaos Dwarfs (what is their site?  Hammer Of allied with the Orcs, acting as combat engineers.  They were in it for plunder, slaves and the chance to get yet another big funny hat.  Their community was a grand lot of fun and they were very active.  They were defeated along with Orcs and Goblins, but were quite a serious threat!

The Skaven online community (boo! hiss!) tried to muck things up for us through covert assassinations and subterfuge - and even "aiding" us to further their own schemes and designs.  We took them out - but just barely.

I cannot comment too much on the other Evil races - other than the fact we kicked them around some!  Vampire Counts really fought hard and won an assload battles - they gave us quite a scare and were our toughest Evil opponent.  Dark Elves also savagely raided us - but were eventually defeated and driven off through heated and costly fighting.  Chaos got chased back into the Wastes and the Forests.

Now, we at the Empire did a solid job.  We kept the Crown out of Evil's hands, defended our lands and people, repelled all invaders, created much stronger ties with Bretonnia and others, built roads and improved our eastern infrastructure, defeated the plans of the many forces of Chaos...we did good.  I know many, including my Commander Wissenlander, are jaded over the War and it's conclusion.  But I had an F*ing good time and feel we should be proud over our actions and battlefield successes.  We got fifth overall and were declared winners, just barely!  Thank Sigmar, Ulric, or your deity of choice here.  Our eastern portion will be a stronger, safer place because of this War and our efforts.

*As for the Tomb Kings...

With aide from Bretonnia and the Lizardmen, we kicked the shit out of 'em.  Settra wanted to land at Marienburg, march straight down the Reik and sack Altdorf itself.  We stopped him dead. :eusa_clap:  No pun intended.

Marienburg was ably defended, and Settra did not soil the lands of The Old World much at all.  Foolish tyrant.  Bretonnia of course must be singled out for their amazing counter assault on the poor dead mummy bastard.

All "Good" races won, I believe in this order.

Bretonnia - tied for 2nd place
Wood Elves - tied for 2nd place
High Elves
(Dogs Of War)

The rest lost!  :happy:

Thanks to our alliance with Great and Noble Bretonnia, able Mercenary auxiliaries, aide from the farseeing Lizardmen and our own faith and iron will we achieved victory in the Nemesis War! :::cheers:::


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