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This can be the second incarnation of an idea Atchman had many moons ago. In the original thread, this is what was written:

---Originally By Atchman---
Hey folks!

This thread is for posting your favorite army lists.  I'm going to try and put them into a compilation in the War Room for the newer players.  If you have a race-specific army list, like the Vampire Slayers or the Orc Slayers, make certain you indicate that in your post.  Try and keep comments down on other folks lists, unless it is illegal or truly unique in some fashion.  Please no "nice list" comments!  Of course it is a nice list it is on this site :D

I will go back and edit out comments if necessary to insure the "purity" of the thread.  You can post multiple lists, just put them in different posts please so that it isn't hard to read.

NO ARMY BUILDER FORMAT POSTS!  I will SO delete your post and send you a nastygram to boot!

--- Quote ---I apologize if comments aren't wanted in this thread, delete or move if necessary.

I'd like to make the suggestion that people comment their armylists. If we readers got a bit more info on why the different units are in the army it would be even more useful. Just simple stuff like :

"this unit will be my anvil unit that will try to hold the center while i flank" or
"this unit is only here to secure my right flank against skirmishers and fast movers".

Observations from the designers on the strengths and weaknesses of the lists would also be great.
--- End quote ---

I concur on this and all army lists post would be much better with these comments.

The Reman Legions are by far my favorite army and if handled properly they perform well above the normal Empire army's level.

First the List then the unit specific battlefield roles.

All units are written first as their "proper" themed title, then as the Empire's title.

Read more on the website:


The Reman Legions - By Aaron Chapman
2250 Pts  -   Empire Army
Tribunus "Marcus Octavius Imperator" (Empire General) @ 145 Pts
     General; Full Plate Armor; Shield
     "Virga Imperium" - Rod of Command

Aquilifer "Titus Quintilius Magnus" (Captain -BSB) @ 183 Pts
     Full Plate Armor; Battle Standard
     "Aquila" - Imperial Banner

Centurio "Tiberius Lucius Herculius" (Captain) @ 60 Pts
     Full Plate Armor; Shield

29 Centuria I - Legionaries (Swordsmen) @ 224 Pts (joined by Tribunus)
     Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
     "Manus" - War Banner
     Optio "Lucius Flavius Brutus" (Duellist Upgrade)

     9 Vexillation - Legionaries (Detachment - Swordsmen) @ 54 Pts
          Light Armour; Shield
     5 Vexillation - Sagittarii (Detachment - Archer) @ 40 Pts
          Normal Bow

29 Centuria I - Legionaries (Swordsmen) @ 189 Pts (joined by Centurio)
     Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

     9 Vexillation - Legionaries (Detachment - Swordsmen) @ 54 Pts
          Light Armour; Shield
     5 Vexillation - Sagittarii (Detachment - Archer) @ 40 Pts
          Normal Bow

Centurio "Decius Pontius Rex" (Captain) @ 60 Pts
     Full Plate Armor; Shield

29 Centuria II - Legionaries (Swordsmen) @ 199 Pts (joined by Aquilifer)
     Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
     Optio "Gaius Marius Dominicus" (Duellist Upgrade)

     9 Vexillation - Legionaries (Detachment - Swordsmen) @ 54 Pts
          Light Armour; Shield
     5 Vexillation - Sagittarii (Detachment - Archer) @ 40 Pts
          Normal Bow

29 Centuria II - Legionaries (Swordsmen) @ 189 Pts (joined by Centurio)
     Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

     9 Vexillation - Legionaries (Detachment - Swordsmen) @ 54 Pts
          Light Armour; Shield
     5 Vexillation - Sagittarii (Detachment - Archer) @ 40 Pts
          Normal Bow

5 Equites Antesignani (Pistoliers) @ 97 Pts
     Brace of Pistols; Light Armour; Musician; Warhorse

5 Equites Antesignani (Pistoliers) @ 97 Pts
     Brace of Pistols; Light Armour; Musician; Warhorse

Ballista (Great Cannon) @ 100 Pts

Ballista (Great Cannon) @ 100 Pts

Onager (Helstrom Rocket Battery) @ 115 Pts

Onager (Helstrom Rocket Battery) @ 115 Pts

Casting Pool: 2
Dispel Pool: 2

Models in Army: 202 (4 Characters / 154 Swordsmen / 20 archers / 12 Artillery Crewmen / 4 Artillery Pieces / 10 Pistoliers)
Total Army Cost: 2249


The 4 characters support their own units with leadership extending at least to the Parent Block they are in and then down further to their Parent Block's Detachments.  The General of the Empire provides cheap leadership and a handy Rod of Command for those sticky situations where his unit just might get caught with a flank charge or lose a combat due to a complete fluke!  The BSB adds much more than his normal Re-roll on break tests and the LD 8, he also carries the Imperial Banner than makes ALL Leadership Tests very easy to pass using re-rolls within his 12" radius.

The Blocks of Swordsmen "Legionaries" are kept behind the line of Archers and the Swordsmen Detachments a couple inches back and to the flanks of the Parents.  The enemy is drawn into the Parent blocks using the standard Reman Legions Detachment tactics found on my website.  Swordsmen are wonderful soldiers and tend to survive long enough to break the enemy from Combat Resolution providing that they can get a flank charge in with their detachments.  Swordsmen Detachments are placed in 3x3 formations to maximize mobility for flank charges and limit battle line width for better coverage of leadership by the General/BSB.

The Pistolier "Equites" are very handy in that they can go anywhere quickly.  The battle line is usually very thick, full of units that block normal cavalry movement, but Pistoliers can sneak through these narrow gaps and emerge ahead of the battle line ready to unleash a deadly volley upon the approaching enemy.  They can also be used in a more traditional flanking role or even in war machine hunting.  One of the best uses for the Pistoliers however is war machine protection.  If you are careful enough to place your artillery too close to the back table edge for enemies to come on behind the artillery, then the Pistoliers can spread out to the flanks of the artillery giving them a large buffer zone where the enemy tunnelers or ambushers cannot approach your artillery easily and therefore must submit to multiple rounds of Pistol fire as they attempt to advace toward their original goal of war machine hunting.  The Pistoliers have a hard time against missile units since even bow fire is quite deadly, but they can usually survive the battle intact if they do not get overly bold and remain in the background as a support unit.

Artillery is also a key factor in a Reman Legion victory.  Accurate artillery fire  can devastate ranked units making combats much easier or it might be able to slay large monsters that would otherwise rampage about the field unchecked!  I personally use the Rocket Battery and Great Cannon options as they are the best killing machines available.

Magic is a common problem, since the Reman Legions has no defense from it.  Many armies will take only light or moderate magic or even scroll caddies and in these cases most magic is not very dangerous.  The 2 Dispel Dice available are usually good enough to stop 1 spell a turn and then the rest you let go through in the hope that they aren't too devastating.  Most of the time the Archer Screens, large blocks, and good re-rollable leadership is enough to protect the Remans from destruction by magic. 

Also, unlike many Empire armies, the Reman Legions have no problems with being aggressive.  It is common for my army to move quickly avoiding prolonged artillery barrages in order to close quickly with the enemy for decisive close combat.  When magic is in use or the enemy also has tons of missile units, it is usually beneficial to go ahead and advance a full speed ASAP.

So far this army has dominated my local league.
In the Indy GT circuit it has played 3 tourneys, placing 5th in total points 2 times (gaining a 3rd place overall award once) and has placed 11th in the 3rd tournament (total of 60+ players at each event).  Future events look promising for the Legions as the weapons and tactics improve.

It is no pushover and since the recent additions of the Rocket Batteries and Pistoliers it should do even better!

The Altdorf 3rd Expeditionary Force2000 points
From his seat of power in the city state Altdorf, the Emperor oversees the mighty realm of the Empire.  While this capital is relatively protected from many of the forces that threaten the Empire from without, the Emperor understands that it still is his personal duty to ensure the protection of all the citizens of his great Empire.

To this end the Emperor created the Altdorf Expeditionary Forces.  Drawn from the standing forces of Altdorf, they are deployed to rapidly respond to any threats or developments within the Empire, whether it be aiding the defence of a border province from Orc incursions, or to cleansing the country side of the foul beasts of Chaos.  Through these actions the Expeditionary Forces ensure the stability of the Empire both by responding to threats within it, as well as illustrating to its citizens and enemies alike that no corner of the realm is beyond the Emperors protection.

The Altdorf 3rd Expeditionary Force


Empire General - Field Commander Johann Holst
- Holy Relic, Icon of Magnus, Hammer of Judgement, full plate armour, shield, barded warhorse

Captain - First Knight Wolfgang Ludenhof
- Pegasus, lance, full plate armour, shield

Captain - Captain Hendrich Kessel
- Sword of Power, full plate armour, shield, unbarded warhorse

Wizard - Helmut 'Miscast' Steinberg
- Skull of Power

Altdorf Infantry Units

     25 Swordsmen - full command
          detachment - 9 Halberdiers

     25 Halberdiers - full command
          detachment - 9 Swordsmen
          detachment - 5 Archers

     10 Handgunners

     10 Flagellants

Altdorf Mounted Support Units

     5 Outriders - musician

     5 Pistoliers - musician

     5 Pistoliers - musician

Order of the Golden Lion Knights

     6 Inner Circle Knights - lances, musician, standard bearer, steel standard

     6 Knights - lances, champion, musician

     6 Knights - lances, champion, musician

Total - 2000 points

Summary and Statistics

Characters - 530pts, 27%
Core - 863pts, 43%
Special - 507pts, 25%
Rare - 100pts, 5%

Infantry - 32%
Knights - 26%
Fast Cav - 16%

Bullets - 45 flying pieces of hot lead per turn

Dispel Dice - 3 to 6

Head Count - Total: 130, Infantry: 93, Mounted: 33, Characters : 4

The Altdorf 3rd - description and background

The 3rd is commanded by Field Commander Johann Holst, former First Knight of the Order of the Golden Lion. General Holst was offered the command of the 3rd after his display of tactical brilliance during the Siege of Ubersreik in 2515.  Having sworn a vow of loyalty to the Emperor, like all other Knights of the Golden Lion,  Holst accepted the position so that he might be of better service to his lord.

Altdorf Expeditionary Forces typically consist of light infantry and mounted units.  Heavy infantry and artillery are not commonly found within these forces as speed is often essential to the fulfilment of their missions, however under orders of the Emperor such units can be drawn from local provinces when deemed necessary by the Expeditions Field Commander.  The 3rd is unique among such forces however given its standing contingent of Knights of the Golden Lion, a Knightly Order based in Altdorf and dedicated to serving the will of the Emperor.  The contingent was added shortly following Holsts commission, and has proven to be an invaluable asset to the 3rd.

Over the course of Holsts command, the 3rd has travelled the length and breadth of the Empire.  Battles of note include the utter destruction of the Nightwraith Raiders on the shores of the Sea of Claws following the 2516 slave raid of Salzenmund, the 2519 rescue of Lady Etherly from a ravenous minotaur warband in the Forest of Shadows, to the more recent defence of The Moot from starving Orcs in the infamous Battle of the Bacon Butty.

Tactical Overview

"Versatility is key" - Johann Holst, Field Commander of the Altdorf 3rd

The Altdorf 3rd is somewhat based on a MSU (Many Small Units or Medium Sized Units) strategy.  The army has a fairly consistent spread of points among its many units, which is advantageous in that all the units can be considered expendable, and any may be sacrificed during a battle without significantly decreasing the armies overall effectiveness.  In addition many of the units can be used for a variety of roles, including baiting, flanking, sacrificing, and frontal assaults.  The combination of these two factors results in a very versatile army, able to respond to many types of opponents.

Overall the basic strategy can be summarised as 'small unit domination'.  Basically knights, fast cavalry and Captains are used to overwhelm any of the opponents small protection units, giving my mobile elements access to the flanks and rear of the enemy forces.

Given this the 3rd generally makes use of its many mobile units to attempt to crush the enemy flanks.  Commonly the infantry deploys in the center, while the Pistoliers, two units of Knights and the Captains storm one flank.  The outriders are also deployed with a mind to weakening these units.   However this being said the army is very mobile and quite versatile, and often this strategy is modified upon seeing the enemies deployment and army composition, but the overall basic strategy still applies.

Composition Analysis

The Characters

All combat characters are mounted, allowing them to be deployed in nearly any unit in the army, thus improving its combat effectiveness.  Additionally mounted characters are able to more readily redeploy during the course of a battle.  Both these benefits enhance the armys versatility.

Empire General - Generally deployed with the infantry units to boost leadership, though at times attached Knights to add to their combat effectiveness.  With an armour save of 1+ and a 4+ ward save the general is often used to counter enemy uber-characters.  Despite this focus on defence he is also able deal out some damage with the Hammer of Judgement.  Also equipped with the always handy Icon of Magnus.

Captain on Pegasus - Standard build, equipped with a lance.  Mostly used to support flanking units, excels at war-machine hunting, and adding a few additional kills to any combats.

Captain on unbarded steed - This guy is a little beauty.  Being mounted on an unbarded steed he can join any cavalry unit (including fast cavalry).  This enables him to boost the combat effectiveness of the pistoliers, or even turn a group of knights into a nice little hammer unit.  Additionally this character can be detached from the unit he is deployed with (often to the surprise of the enemy) and used independently, often for baiting, war machine hunting, or taking on other enemy harassment units by himself.  He is equipped with the Sword of Power which significantly boosts his combat potential, it's an expensive choice but it can really make a difference on the flanks.

Wizard - Pure magic defence.  For only 95 points he can provide up to 6 dispel dice per turn.  Kept as far away from trouble as possible.

The Units

Infantry blocks - All Empire Generals know the power of a solid block of infantry.  Deployed centrally, they act as an anvil for the flanking forces.  These units are deployed first in order in encourage the enemy to deploy the bulk of his forces opposite them, thus opening up his flanks.  The unit is 25 strong (5 x 5 formation) which allows the unit to suffer some casualties before its rank bonus is effected.

Each combat block has a 9 man combat detachment.  These are deployed in the warhammer-empire classic 3 x 3 formation, and located behind the parent unit, ready to support either flank.  The 5 man archer detachment is used to harass and march block enemy units, and fluff wise represent the scouts of the 3rd.

Handgunners - Fielded as a separate unit rather than a detachment to allow them to be freely deployed where ever they are needed.  Used to weaken units for the flankers, or to reduce enemy unit strengths prior a combat ensuing.  Also good as a last minute flanking unit.

Flagellants - This small unit is extremely useful.  Deployed behind the main force it is used as a reserve unit to counter any threats that may break through the lines, or would otherwise be a problem  All Generals know that your best laid plans don't survive contact with the enemy, that being the case this little unit has saved me more times than I can remember.

Knights - Each of the units is 6 strong, making them cheap enough for baiting or sacrificing, whilst still providing enough punch when flanking or assaulting head on (though often in conjunction with a Captain, or after the missile troops have weakened the opposing unit).   The inner circle Knights of the Golden Lion are equipped with the Steel Standard to make sure they get that strength 6 on the charge.

Pistoliers - Deployed up the flanks where they use their considerable missile fire to counter small enemy units.  They are also the ultimate baiters, setting up charges for an accompanying unit of knights.  Also useful in flanking an already engaged enemy unit.  When deployed with the Captain on unbarded steed, this unit can be quite powerful, especially behind the enemy lines.

Outriders - Also deployed on the flanks, it is used in conjunction with the Pistoliers to eliminates small enemy units, clearing the way for the knights.  Also useful for forcing panic tests on virtually any unit.

Final Thoughts - This is my most commonly used list, with which I've had great success.  It's fast and fun, and suited to Generals who like to out-manoeuvre their opponents.  I hope you enjoyed looking over The Altdorf 3rd.  Good gaming!


Edit:  Still perfecting the content, expect minor changes from time to time.  :roll:

i´ll post my updated list another time

first and there for favourite so far empire list

General -103pts
-captain of the empire
  -helm of ratslayer
  -full plate armour

-warrior priest -150pts
  -dawn armour
  -sigil of sigmar
  -great weapon
  -hand weapon

-warrior priest -143pts
  -armour of meteoric iron
  -ring of volans
  -great weapon
  -hand weapon

-10 swordsmen -80pts
  -standard bearer

-10 halberdiers -76pts
  -standard bearer

-20 Great Swords -224pts
  -standard bearer

-steam tank -300pts[/font]


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