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As many of you may have noticed Warhammer-Empire.com has adopted a new set of Terms of Use for the site. Firstly I would like to thank Perambulator very much for his help in composing this new document; it couldn't have been done without him. The new Terms of Use are meant to both protect the owner and staff of the site while still being fair to all of our members. If you have any questions (and you invariably will if you don't speak legalese) please ask them here as Perambulator has been nice enough to agree to help interpret these changes.

Karl Voss of Averland:
Way to go guys, this took a good amount of time to organize and make it legal ready, thanks for keeping us treated fairly as well as keeping safe the work you guys on staff do for us.

What specifically has changed from the old terms?

Where can these legal terms be found?

Edit: Found them but to help others I'll supply a link going the other way as well:



--- Quote from: Karl Voss of Averland on January 29, 2008, 07:00:47 AM ---What specifically has changed from the old terms?

--- End quote ---

Esssentially under the old terms of use everything posted on this site became the property of the site. The good thing for the site was that no permission was required to make any changes or modifications to anything. The bad things were that the site assumed any all liabilities associated with whatever was included in the posts. Also the members essentially gave up any copyright interest they may have had in anything they posted. Under the new terms members only grant a limited license as outlined in the Terms of Use and members are responsible for what they post and the content of whatever they upload. It moves the liability away from the site and onto the poster while still allowing the site to make changes as necessary.

As a license for limited rights is a little more complicated than an outright grant of all rights, the Terms of Use had to be likewise lengthened to cover all the bases.


Karl Voss of Averland:
Here Here *clink*  :::cheers:::

Good work! Thanks for your help!


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