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Chastized for threadjacking, I though I'd open this up

I know a couple of here are interested, but do you play Sci-Fi Spaceship combat games?  I've recently started this and I'm amazed at how much there is available.  I've found some fantastic ships too.

I've started collecting various fleets and rules, and will be adding terrain etc.  My hope is to have a Spaceship combat club (I can provide most of the fleets for those who are new) up and going by September (we're expecting July 30, so if I want to play games, its going to have to be at the house)

So far I'm collecting A Call to Arms, which is a Babylon 5 simulation. - however they are losing their license in 3 weeks and won't be renewing.  I've failed 3 times now to purchase the rules and may have to resort to actually buying at full price from the publisher before its gone. - mongoose subcontracted the mini's.  These are quite excellent.  I have Narn, Abbai, Brakiri fleets, plus some Vree and Earth.  I'm hoping to build on the Brakiri (I love the Ikorta's) and eventually add some more Narn and Earth.  Then I want to add Centauri.

Full Thrust

A generic mini's rules game allowing you to create ships as you see fit and then fight using any mini's you want.  Simple and FREE rules with some nice twists.  They also have some wonderful ships of their own that I want to add.  This will probably be my main rule set I use as its very adaptable.  I believe this works, it won't work at my office however


Probably what most of you have played.  I've played a bit, however I found with experienced players it just devolved into sending wave after wave of fighters and missles at each other and whoever runs out first gets creamed.  Some of the ships look pretty good, but once again GW drifts into making their 'own' models looks suspiciously like other SciFi series for some of the races.  The Imperial / Chaos ships look pretty good.  Plus the rules are still free for download.  Which I still am amazed at, but credit to Jervis' influence.  Now if someone can get him to do the same for MoW.  (I constantly see MoW sites go up with the rules for download only to be forced to take them down shortly afterwards - I don't know why GW just doesn't do the same as with Mordheim/BFG etc)

Now I've also had a look at SD3000, and Starmada, but haven't played them.

If you have other spaceship sources or rules you've played I'd love to hear about them.  Strengths and weakness of the game system would also be appreciated as I'm still trying to determine what would be the standard set I use. 

I've always liked Space Ship games, so I'm going to check any thread about one, but annoyingly it usually amounts to nothing as the yokels at my club still cling to that dead and stupid game, B5.  :icon_mrgreen:

(that's bies and Dihenydd after me now  :engel: )

Battlefleet Gothic is quite nice. I've only played it twice, and one involved a bastard of an Eldar player which mostly ruined it, but the second game was awesome.

Personally I'm waiting for the spaceship game Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games. Their uncharted seas was a big hit, and the Firestorm game is kind of based on it.

I love BFG, and still can't decide if I want to get into it.

I play BFG, I have an imperial fleet at around 3000-4000 points. Best game GW made.

Ok, so we have one who wants to play BFG, two who've played BFG, one who's anti-B5 as stated many times over and one who's touching himself repeatedly.

This thread needs a do-over.

Can those who've played Spaceship games give some detail as to why they like the system and/or mini's?  I'm hoping for some depth as I try to determine which system to use as my main choice.


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