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Edit 1: May 2015 - Updated with much new stuff and Edited for broken links
Edit 2: Summer 2018 - Now photobucket has repaired all these threads, I will re-edit to get this up to date again asap.

An (almost) full collection of my photo story battle reports and all the stuff that links them together.

If it's the bat reps you're most interested in, I’ve labelled the links (when I can) with army types and size so that you can have a peek at those that interest you. Nearly everything is vaguely in reverse chronological order of writing, though in an attempt to be helpful, the grouped campaign reports are usually listed in their correct game-world chronological order, and a link to the full, interconnecting campaign story is provided where possible.

Note: Photobucket can fail to show a picture or two at times BUT they are all there, so if the pics seem to be missing, just refresh the page. I can assure you they are all present and correct - I never alter their order and so all the links should remain sound. If all have disappeared that means my monthly allowance needs to renew. So ... do come back later!

My Current Campaign, Tilea mid 24th century (Imperial Calendar):

The whole story (so far):

The Individual Battles
(Due to the ongoing nature of this campaign exact lists and points details of forces are not often included - it would be unfair 'intelligence' for the players. And many of the battle reports are more story-like and less technical for similar reasons, although they are all accounts of actual tabletop games.)

Assault on Astiano (Modified T&G Condottieri List vs outnumbering Empire)

Attack on Terme Castle (Ogres versus Bretonnian defenders)

And the subsequent attack on Ravola (Same forces as above)

Capture the Duchess (Vampire Counts vs Campaign Tilean List)

The Little Waagh (Greenskins versus Tilean Campaign List

Bad Timing, Bad Intelligence and Bad Behaviour (Greenskins versus Greenskins, campaign lists)

The Viadazan Crusade (2670 pts Tilean Campaign list vs Vampire Counts)

What to do with Caution on a Still Day (Condottiere list versus Empire)

(More to come asap ...)

The abortive initial (lonely) foray into Tilea that led to the above, 6 player reboot:

Rumble in the Jungle: Oldhammer Convention 2013 3rd Edition WFB Battle, Necromantic Jungle Pygmies versus everyone else

Warhammer First Edition Battle, using old rules, old figures and some old(ish) players

Empire of Wolves Campaign Historical Battle Report Set before the campaign, although I did not participate inn the actual campaign play
3,000 pt Campaign List vs Campaign List
The Animosity 6 Campaign

The Full Story (A major piece of literature and many, many photos):

The Individual Battles:
The Battle of Sundur Forest, 2500 pts Mercenaries (Empire of Wolves) list vs 2500 pts Greenskins (Treachery and Greed Campaign List)

The First Battle of Mor-Og Troms, 3000 pts Empire vs 3000 pts Empire of Wolves Merc List (Ogres and Northern Horse)
“All That Glistens” - several Bat Reps with linking story, ongoing, intermittent; involves pirates (Empire/DoW), Arabs (Empire/DoW), Zombie Pirates (old WD list), Pygmies (Lizardmen) & Dwarfs, so far -

The Individual Battles
Pirates (Empire/DoW) vs Undead Pirates (Luthor Harkon WD list)

Arabs(Empire/DoW) vs Nomadic Greenskins (O&G)

Pygmies (Lizardmen) vs Undead Pirates (Luthor Harkon WD list)

Dwarfs vs Arabs (Empire/DoW)

Pirates (Empire/DoW) vs Undead Pirates (Luthor Harkon WD list)

Pirates (Empire/DoW) vs Pygmies & Slann (Lizardmen)

From the Animosity 5 Campaign

Link to collected story & Battle pieces (though this may not be all I wrote) =

The Individual Battles

2500 pt Ogres vs Skaven

2500 pts Campaign Lists (allied Arabs & Empire) vs Beastmen

2500 pts, Skaven vs Skaven

From the Treachery and Greed Campaign

The Story of Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole - a linked sequence of Bat Reps involving Campaign list armies (Mercenaries & Greenskin Raiders) & Ogres

3500 pts Compagnia del Sole vs Sea Elves (High Elves)

3500 pts T&G List GreenSkin Raiders vs. Ogres

2000 pts, Watchtower scenario, Compagnia del Sole vs Ogres

1500 pts, Battle for the Pass Scenario, Ogres vs. T&G List GreenSkin Raiders

700 pts T&G Merc Co. vs. 1000 pts Orcs ‘n Gobs scenario battle

3000 pts T&G Greenskin Raiders vs. T&G Mercenary Company

The story that connected the above reports (including, at the end, the story of Condlumar's fall):


2250 High Elves vs Greenskins


‘Joshua’s Journey’ from A4 Campaign, set in Cathay. The story:

The Individual Battles

2000 pts Empire vs. Dwarfs - Baron Von Klaase’s first Battle

2000 pts Empire vs. Slann - Baron Von Klaase’s second Battle

2000 pts Empire vs. Brettonians - Baron Von Klaase’s Third Battle

2000 pts Empire vs. Chaos Marauders - Baron Von Klaase’s fourth Battle

2000 pts Empire vs. Chaos Marauders - The Umigan’s second battle

2400 pts Empire vs. Goblins - Baron Von Klaase’s fifth Battle


From the ‘sort-of’ campaign Border Princes IC 2524 (Linked to the Solland Effort) thread

2000/3000 pts Empire vs. Dogs of War

2750(approx) pts, Dwarfs vs. Ogres

(I may have mislaid some of these reports)

2500 pts Greenskins vs Skaven; ‘Warlord Gildag fights Clan Skallagad’,29795.0.html

4000 pt Ogres vs Lizardmen; ‘Southland’s Gold’

3000 pt Skaven vs Demons, ‘Thagskee’s Folly’

2,000 pt Pygmies vs Pirates, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’

Wood Elves vs Chaos Marauders ‘The Western Yusak’s brush with the Forest’

Vampire Counts vs. Vampire Counts, ‘Three Hundred’

4,000 pt Empire vs. Demons & Vampires


From the A3 campaign

Campaign List Empire/DoW vs Demons ‘Rembrandt's First Battle’

Campaign List Empire/DoW vs Campaign List Arabs/Bretonnians, ‘Rembrandt's Third Battle’

Campaign List Empire/DoW vs. Campaign List Empire/DoW,  ‘Rembrandt's 4th Battle’

Campaign List Empire/DoW vs. Ogres ‘Rembrandt’s Fall- 5th Battle’


Inidividual Battles from the Crisis in Marienburg Campaign

Empire/DoW vs Dwarfs, ‘Conrad Gelburtz advances towards Westen Kasteel’

Empire/DoW vs Empire/DoW/Bretonnians, ‘The Battle of the Fens’

2500 pts, Faction List vs. Empire/DoW, ‘Battle of the Eastern Swamps’

Empire vs Orcs and Goblins, ‘Green Dusk’

The interconnecting story pieces for this campaign are scattered and I can't link to a single, full thread. I obviously did not know what I was doing back then. But most of the stuff is gathered together here:


And the one that started it all, the story of a battle with posed pictures set up afterwards (and a LOT more time consuming than taking pictures along the way) …

Dwarfs vs. Vampire Counts, ‘The Fall of Bragovo Keep’



A Photo session in which I collected all my ‘good guys’ together ...

You, my friend, have creativity sloshing out of your ears. You should wipe your floor daily and wring out the rag over a bucket and sell little creativity-filled buckets; you could make a small fortune.

Excellent work!  :::cheers:::

Oh my. Perhaps I should go and read them all again, I know I want to.

Nice idea to list all your reports, Padre!

O boy, I know what I'm reading on vacation, now...

Wow.  Well worth having done this! :icon_biggrin:

I remember the first one and how impressed I was with that.  Now I'm impressed that they've all been compiled.  I'll definitely revist some of these.

Thanks for setting this up! :::cheers:::


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