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Shadows over Bogenhafen character sheets [players only please]

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rufus sparkfire:
Please post your characters here, Shadow over Bogenhafen players.

Also, see this thread for game rules and other information:

And here's a dice roller:

Heinrich Kanone des Untergangs
Age: 31 (my actual age)
Brown hair and eyes, short cropped beard
5'10" 195 lbs (heroic scale!)
Title: Knight of the Order of the Panther, Middenheim Chapter

Heinrich spent many years in Altdorf, the city of his birth, as a thiefcatcher before turning to the more lucrative vocation of bounty hunting. Now he travels the Empire tracking down criminals that have fled from their misdeeds, bringing Aldorf style justice to the podunk towns of the far flung reaches of the Empire. He recently tracked a heretic accused of murdering a man in Frederheim to Bogenhafen, but lost his trail on the way before meeting up with his current companions in a tiny town with no name worth remembering. He has decided to seek work in Bogenhafen to make up the funds lost in his recent failure. The failure doesn't bother him too much, because Heinrich has failed to find a bounty before, only to run into the fiend at a later date by chance.

Heinrich is dressed in simple traveling clothes: Leather breeches and sturdy boots, a simple, dark green tunic worn over a padded vest and chain shirt (so they're not visible). He wears a quiver of arrows at his left hip, with a sturdy half moon axe hanging from a loop on his belt on his right hip. The hilt of a knife peeks out of the top of his left boot. His bow is unstrung when in town, and he carries it like a walking stick, with extra strings in a small belt pouch. He carries a rucksack on his back, the single strap running diagonally across his chest. He has short dark hair and beard, which both get unruly and wild when he lets them grow long. Lines at the corner of his eyes are more from laughter than from age, though he's getting a little past his prime, and gray strands have begun to salt his hair. Quick with a joke, and very forgiving of personal slights, he nevertheless takes the law very seriously. He got into bounty hunting for the coin, and will take just about any job if the price is right but his underlying desire is to do the right thing. Heinrich truly believes (perhaps naively) that he is on the side of justice and the good of the people.

Somehow, his recent adventures in Bogenhafen have put him off bounty hunting, and he has decided to concentrate more on his archery. Perhaps it was the ill-timed miss of the crocodile demon during the desperate struggle in the warehouse that has driven him to devote himself more thoroughly to the craft. In any case, Heinrich has begun to seek archery tournaments to match his skills against others, and decided to try his hand at perhaps mastering the longbow. He still maintains his bounty hunting skills, and surely if he needs the coin he will take a few bounties here and there.

After his experiences in Middenheim Heinrich is confident in his abilities as a marksman. He has won a couple tournaments and even shot a flying elf out of the sky at range. His fights against evil mages has put the thought of witch hunting into him. He is no devotee of Sigmar by any means, but witches are unjust and unholy. He is sure Verena hates witches too. We found a witch! May we burn her?

Career Class Ranger, Career Choice Bounty Hunter Targeteer Witch Hunter.

Movement                   4                       
Weapon Skill               63***             
Ballistic Skill                98****  (with longbow)       
Strength                      4*                       
Toughness                  6*           
Wounds                      11****   
Initiative                     54**                 
Attacks                       3**                                                             
Dexterity                    58***             
Leadership                  45*                                       
Intelligence                 39*                                     
Cool                            60***                                     
Willpower                    59**                                 
Fellowship                   30

Social standing  C (19) (+5 in Middenheim)  (feared/distasteful job: one class higher to others with feared/distasteful jobs. Also, is intimidating)
Social standing if displaying Knight Panther insignia: A1 (noble), or A5 in Middenheim

Fate Points                  5

Insanity points           5       

Experience points  0                                         


Ambidextrous  (may use both hands equally. No penalty for off-hand weapon use. +10% to Dex tests whenever using both hands)

Very Resilient  (+1 T, added to starting profile. Does not count as an advance)

Astronomy  (recognise and identify heavenly bodies, and navigate by the stars)

Follow trail  (Can follow any trail easily. Obscure trails require INT test. +10% to estimate tests to estimate distance to target, and to estimate number of individuals from their trail.)

Shadowing  (+10% to hide tests when following a target)

Silent move rural  (-10% to listen tests for anyone who might hear them. Applies in all rural situations)

Silent move urban  (-10% to listen tests for anyone who might hear them. Applies in all urban and most underground situations)

Specialist weapon lasso  (may use a lasso effectively as a missile weapon)

Specialist weapon net  (may use a net effectively in combat)

Strike mighty blow  (+1 to damage caused in close combat)

Strike to stun

Marksmanship   (+10 BS with all missile weapons. +20 BS with a specialist missile weapon, provided they are skilled in its use)

Specialist weapon: longbow (may use a longbow effectively)

Old Worlder (Riekspiel dialect)

Clothes (outdoor stuff)
Rucksack with blankets, cooking pots, cutlery, tinderbox, water flask
Silver key to the town of Bogenhafen
Archery Trophy from tournament in Nuln (1st overall)
Archery Trophy (medal) from tournament in Middenheim (1st overall)
3500 gold crowns, 9 shillings +2500 crowns reward money
mail shirt
sallet helmet
mail coif
plate bracers
plate greaves
magical axe (powers of WS drain and demon-repelling)
Golden medallion bearing the crest of the Knights Panther
Blue cloak trimmed with panther fur

Armour points:
shield = 0
head = 2
body = 2
left arm = 1
right arm = 1
left leg = 1
right leg = 1

Career exits:
Outlaw Chief

Bounty Hunter Advance scheme:

Targeteer Advance Scheme:

Witch Hunter Advance scheme:


Public speaking
Silent move rural*
Silent move urban*
Sixth sense
Specialist weapon: net*
Specialist weapon: lasso*
Specialist weapon: crossbow pistol
Specialist weapon: throwing weapon
Strike mighty blow*
Strike to stun*

Mortus Basanduine - Human female- 17   XP 100
Title: Knight of the Order of the Panther, Middenheim Chapter

Until I buy the model and paint it up

Academic - Wizard, level two, Career exits: Wizard, level three

Mortus is a bubbly talkitive young woman.   She has striking narrow features, a boney face and long boney fingers.   She is not what you would call classically pretty but her features are striking and when she laughs she has a very engaging and merry smile.   She is dressed in a wool tunic, trousers and knee high boots.   Her clothes are faded and worn, but neatly kept and patched in places.
Her father was a merchant from Nordland.   Not a very wealthy merchant but he got by, running a route from Nordland to Aldorf.   His wagon train was attacked by bandits a few years before and destroyed.   Mortus managed to escape the slaughter, though she would not be drawn on how, with a small amount of gold and the clothes on her back.   She made her way to the nearest settlement and stayed their for a while.   After a year or so she decided to try her hand at being a merchant herself.   She is making her way to Bogenhafen to go to the fair to try and find some deals that she will be able to sell further north.
Mortus is normally happy to talk on most subjects but, despite relating her story one night around the camp fire, she is very close lipped around the subject of her family and her past.   She has a small leather bag that she keeps on her person all the time.

Her experiences in Bogenhafen seem to have effected Mortus a lot.   While she is still as bubby as before the periods that she will spend alone increased after her adventures and often she would be seen praying silently.   She seemed to make no effort to seek out a university with her new found wealth but rather seemed driven by something else.   She also seemed to harden.
movement                     3                     
weapon skill                  33
ballistic skill                   25
Strength                        4                   
toughness                     5   (4+1)                     
wounds                        8***   (5 +3)           
initiative                        55** (35 + 20)                 
attacks                           1                               
dexterity                       39* (29 + 10)                 
leadership                    35*  (25 + 10)
intelligence                   53**   (33 + 20)
cool                              41*   (31 + 10)
willpower                     46*   (36 + 10)
fellowship                     26 

Social standing   B15, +5 in Middenheim
Social standing if displaying the insignia of a knight panther  A1 (noble), or A5 in Middenheim

fate points                        4
Insanity point     5

Drive cart  (may drive a cart, wagon or chariot without difficulty)

Heraldry (recognise heraldic devices, and recall information about their owners)

Dance  (+10% busk/employment tests as entertainer, adept at formal and informal dancing)

Cryptography  (skilled at devising and breaking codes. +10% to Int test to break an unfamiliar code)

Very resilient   (+1 T, added to starting profile. Does not count as an advance)

arcane language: magic  (read and speak the language of magic, used in scrolls, spellbooks and when casting spells)

cast spells - petty magic  (may learn and cast petty magic spells)

cast spells - battle magic level 1 (may learn and cast battle magic level 1 spells)

cast spells - battle magic level 2 (may learn and cast battle magic level 2 spells)

read/write  (can read and write any language they know)

secret language: classical  (can speak Classical Reman, used in academic and religious texts)

scroll lore  (recognise magical scrolls. May read and use them, if they know the proper magical language)

magical sense  (detect magical properties in objects by touch. Detect if a person or creature has magical abilities by touch)

Identify plants (can identify common plants, and spot unusual ones. Some knowledge of uses of plants)

Rune lore  (can understand magical runes, and determine their function)

Meditation  (can restore MP by meditating. Must enter a trance state, and cannot be roused until it is complete. A meditating person will not even react if attacked. Decide how many MPs to regain before entering the trance. The trance then lasts 1d6 minutes per magic point, and cannot be ended until complete.)

magical awareness

Magic points: 32/32


Petty magic:

gift of tongues (1 MP per turn, lasts one turn +1 per additional MP spent. Caster may speak and understand any language)

marsh lights (1 MP, lasts one hour, summons a number of lights within 100 yards of caster. These can be sent off to move in any direction, and will naturally follow paths and corridors. Or can be controlled by caster if they concentrate on them. The lights more at between 8 and 16 yards per round.)

sleep (2 MP, cast on single humanoid target less than 10' tall. Victim must test on WP or fall asleep for d6 turns. Requires touch: may be with hand or through a close combat weapon)

Battle Magic, level one:

Fireball (4 MP per fireball, range 48 yards. May cast one fireball per wizard level at once. Auto-hits, hits 1d3 creatures per wizard level in a group(enemies are in a group if no more than 3 yards apart), S3, d10 wounds+extra d8 wounds to flammable targets, ignores armour, victim may make I test for half damage)

Cure Light Wounds (4 MP, range = touch. Restores d6 wounds to a lightly-injured person. Does not work on heavily or critically wounded people)

Aura of Resistance (2 MP, range = caster only, duration 1 hour per level. Increases armour by 1 point. As an aura spell, is dispelled on contact by magic weapons. No character may carry more than a single aura spell at a time. Note that it does not stack with armour)

Wind Blast [4MP, range 48 yards, duration= while concentrating. Creates a blast of wind, aimed at a single target or group within 48 yards. Anyone hit by the spell is knocked off balance for 1 round, and may not act. In later rounds they may not move or shoot missile weapons, though they may make a strength test in order to move at half speed. Anyone fighting in close combat while under a wind blast causes only half damage (but of course, the spell will affect both sides in the combat). The spell continues until the caster moves, fights, casts another spell, or decides to end it.]

Steal Mind [8 MP, range = 24 yards, duration d6 rounds. Target must pass a WP test or become mindless for the duration. They count as prone, and may take no actions]

Battle Magic, level two:

Aura of Protection (4 MP, range = caster only, duration 1 hour per level. Increases armour by 2 points. As an aura spell, is dispelled on contact by magic weapons. No character may carry more than a single aura spell at a time. Note that it does not stack with armour)

Lightning bolt (6 MP per lightning bolt, range 48 yards. May cast one lightning bolt per wizard level at once. Auto-hits, hits 1d3 creatures per wizard level in a group(enemies are in a group if no more than 3 yards apart), S4, d10 wounds+extra d8 wounds to flammable targets, ignores armour, victim may make I test for half damage)

Old Worlder (Riekspiel dialect)

3050 gold crowns, 0 shillings (all in coinage) I took a further 26 crowns to pay for Mortus' Middenhiem adventure, including paying off her servants, etc. +2500 crowns reward money + 138 crowns 12 shillings tax rebate
Staff (hand weapon)
Knife (hand weapon)
Good clothes X2
Very expensive clothes
Travel clothes
2 bottles of good wine
Book of petty magic spells
Book of first level spells
necklace worth 50 crowns [gift from Max]
A Gold Torc cast in the symbol of Athraigh [value at 200 crowns]
Silver key to the town of Bogenhafen
Merchants' Guild medallion [indicates Mortus is a guild member, and will pay less tax on trade deals. She is also has access to various guild benefits]
Golden medallion bearing the insignia of the Knights Panther
Blue cloak trimmed with panther fur

Large spell book, containing: Petty spells - glowing light, sounds, zone of silence, zone of cold, zone of warmth;
Level one battle magic spells - flight, immunity to poison, strength of combat;
Level two battle magic spells - aura of protection, lightning bolt, mystic mist, zone of steadfastness.

Spell book, containing: Spells unknown

Spell ring, with lightning bolt spell. [used twice, charges remaining = used] [Taken from her by Gottard Brandt]

2 servants: Simon and Helena. [paid off]

Armour points:
shield = 0
head = 0
body = 0
left arm = 0
right arm = 0
left leg = 0
right leg = 0

Career exits:
wizard, level three
specialist wizard, level one

Advance scheme:
W +3***
I +20**
Int +20**

Skills that can be learned
herb lore

Personal missions -

Go to Ubersreik and track down the remaining members of the red crown cult
Find Mr. Elbing
Get back to the real world
Discover more about the Doktor.

Fandir Nightshade:
[Count]Klaus Metzger[von Sternberg]
Age: 28
Ash blonde hair and pale blue eyes
5,5" around 150 pounds
Title: Knight of the Order of the Panther, Middenheim Chapter

Klaus has a very average face, a bit crooked teeth. The only thing above average on him are his crystal blue eyes that are awake at almost all times and sparkle with intelligence. The fingers on both his hands are stiff due to some mishap in the past therefore his dexterity with them isn´t what it once was. His back is scarred by lashes he received because he tried to act heroic.....well and was stupid about it.

--- Quote ---"Klaus, last night I did some research at the main university archive, about your father! I think I found what you were looking for. I was looking at records of battles at the Blackfire Pass, like you suggested. Twenty-five years ago - in 2487 - there was an orc invasion at the pass. Most of the Averland nobility were called to fight there. They defeated the orcs, but a there were a lot of casualties. Now, one of them was Count Karl von Sternberg... according to the records, he died without issue and the title was unclaimed. The estate reverted to the Elector Countess. I think Count von Sternberg was your father! The dates are right, it all makes sense. Does it sound right to you? I have all the evidence at my apartment, and I can show you after your party. So, you really are a count after all! I'm going to have to start bowing and calling you my lord!" Max says this last thing jokingly, but Klaus can tell he really means it.
--- End quote ---

Career Class: Rogue; past careers: Charlatan, Gambler; current career: Spy.

I used this programm

movement                     4                     
weapon skill                  46*             
ballistic skill                   45* (35+10(advance)               
strength                        3                       
toughness                     3*        (2+(1 advance))               
wounds                         8**        (6+(2 advances))       
initiative                        63* (33+20(advance)+10 (lightning reflexes))               
attacks                           1                                                                   
dexterity                       49** (29+20(advance))               
leadership                    45*   (25+20(advance))                                     
intelligence                   57** (37+20(advance))                                     
cool                              54*** (34+20(advance))                                         
willpower                     54 ** (34+20(advance))                                     
fellowship                   66*** (36+30(advance))                                     

Social standing:  actual = D 23, +5 in Middenheim  (socially mobile)
                           feigned = B18, + 5 in Middenheim
Social standing if displaying the insignia of the Knights Panther A1 (noble) or A5 in Middenheim

fate points                        5         

insanity points     4
experience points 0                               


silent move urban  (-10% to listen tests for anyone who might hear them. Applies in all urban and most underground situations)

bribery  (+20% to bribe tests)

lightning reflexes   (+10 I, added to starting profile. Does not count as an advance)

street fighting  (no penalties for fighting while unarmed)

gamble  (May modify all gamble tests by half Int. May use full Int instead by cheating, but may be noticed (I test for opponents, modified if they also have the gamble skill. May always choose to lose a game.)

luck   (Can modify any dice roll they make by +-1 or +- 10% as appropriate, after rolling. Can be used d6 times a day, determined in secret by the GM)

palm object  (+15% to test to palm a small object: coin, dice, playing card, or similar - no large than clenched fist)

read/write  (can read and write any language they know)

specialist weapon: firearms  (can use pistols, blunderbusses and other such firearms safely)

disguise (very good at preparing and using disguises. Will never be noticed among unsuspecting people, and can pass casual examination by a Fel test. Can also help other people with their disguises.)

mimic (can copy accents and even other people's voices perfectly. +10 to bluff and +10 to busk!)

+10 to Fel tests with the opposite sex. Good chat-up lines!

Public speaking
able to influence crowds by making speeches. Use Fel to test, and may influence a number of people equal to Ld score

able to distract people by talking total nonsense to them! Fel test to use it: success = 1 round distraction, increasing if you succeed by a lot

+10 to all Fel tests when trying to be charming

Old Worlder (Riekspiel dialect)

hand weapon (fancy warhammer)
2 pairs of duel pistols (pistol 8/16/50  4  2 to load, 1 to fire   misfires, intimidating noise!)
50 shot
pistol equipment
pack of cards (with spare aces)
pair of dice
pair of loaded dice (always roll 6s)
nobles silk clothes
two sets of fine made wool and linen travelling clothes
Jewelry (gold ring, two silver rings, silver necklace)
travelling boots
4 flasks of good perfume
poison ingestive killing (to take if he's caught!)
caltrops small (to injure pursuers)
listening cone (to listen at walls)
lamp black (to camoflage his face)
Vial of 'Volstrung's Eradicator.' The label says you can drink it to get bad humors out of your blood."
Blessed talisman of Sigmar. [He may add 10 to his Cl when testing for fear or terror caused by demons or undead]
Silver key to the town of Bogenhafen
Letter of Recommendation to Father Anton
Letter from H.S. to Etelka Herzen
Astrology book about the meteor of the Barren Hills
Portrait of Etelka Herzen
Letter of the ownership of the Black Tower near Grissenwald
Letter of the ownership of money owed to Kastor Liebenrung
Book about Goblin anatomy and behaviour
Picture of Hildebrandt Schmidt
Etelkas Perfume
Smidts red vials
Golden medallion bearing the insignia of the Knights Panther
Blue cloak trimmed with panther fur

Owner of the former Steel Crown Tavern in Middenheim new name Stonebridge.

2800 crowns

Armour points:
shield = 0
head = 0
body = 0/1
left arm = 0/1
right arm = 0/1
left leg = 0
right leg = 0

Career exits:

Current advance scheme: Spy

Unlearned career skills (spy):
act [skilled at adopting other identities, as well as in stage acting. +15 to appropriate bluff tests, and +10 to busk tests]
concealment: urban [+20 to hide if still, +5 to hide if moving cautiously. Only in urban environments]
cryptography [good at making and breaking codes]
evaluate [+10 to estimate tests, error margin reduced to 5%]
flee! [+50% to speed when running away from danger]
linguistics [good at learning new languages, and able to partly understand unknown languages]
pick lock
shadowing [good at following people without being seen. +10 to hide tests to avoid being noticed]
sixth sense [knows when he's being watched]
wit [very witty! +10 to Fel tests whenever that would be helpful]

advance scheme:Charlatan [old career]

Advance scheme: (Gambler completed)

--- Quote ---Imperial currency

1 gold crown = 20 silver shillings = 240 brass pennies
1 shilling = 12 pennies

Notation: 1GC = 20/- = 240d
12GC 17/9 = 12 crowns, 17 shillings and 9 pence
6/- = 6 shillings only
6/4 = 6 shillings and 4 pence
5d = 5 pence only
--- End quote ---
“Rich as an Averlander…” he could remember the sound of  the voice, a deep booming voice,  of the Merchant speaking to his father like it was only yesterday. He will be rich as an Averlander when he would sell all the wool they had gathered for him on the mar-ketplace of Wurtbad. This phrase, these few words changed his fate. Born in Stirland Klaus was raised in poverty, his parents peasants that tended to the flock of sheep of the local Baron and his fields of turnips.  He dreamt to become an Averlander, no more starving during a bad harvest, no freezing and sleeping in one room with the sheep and pigs during the winters.

 So one day he packed his few belongings and left his village and his family to become an Averlander, it wasn´t so far away he told himself and if they are all rich he wanted to become one of them. Reaching the Averland he found out, that the people there were not richer than the people in Stirland. Only the nobility and some Merchants lead the life he dreamed of since he was a little boy…since that one day. The peasant too starved and died of a harsh winter and had to work all their life.

But that was not for him, he made up a story, that he was the bastard of some high born Averlander, only out for adventure living on the streets of the Empire because he chose to do so, and at some point in the future when his thirst for adventure was quenched he would return to his fathers fief and claim his heritage. He had told that story so often dur-ing his travels that by now he believes it himself. Klaus Metzger from Averland son of….ahh I won´t tell you fellows as I won´t ruin the noble name of my family. He always had a quick wit and was good with numbers, so he taught himself to read and write to make the story of the wandering noble more realistic. His small frame and lack of skills with arms meant he either had to become a peasant again to earn his living…or turn to less legal means to aqcuire his money.

He always disliked violence and his first years in the criminal underhives of Averheim filled him with terror. He saw people killed and their bodies thrown into the Aver, and the people who cut those throats being hanged by the city watch. It wasn´t his trade, he turned to gambling. His swift mind and quick fingers earned him a good living, with as much food as he wanted and drinks and women too. He found out very fast that the best place to earn the money were the poor. Their desperation and the hope for earning money to give them more freedom was easy to exploit. The rich usually were too smart to even try a gamble or the few stupid nobles that went to the taverns to gamble had enough influence and arrogance to seek revenge once they felt themselves cheated. Like one day after he won several games against a young fat noble, he had his fingers broken by his hired muscles. There was no proof that he had cheated it was just a whim of the young man, and his fingers remained a bit stiff since that day. The poor on the other hand are impotent.

Every once in a while Klaus feels a pang of guilt that he exploits the ones that are al-ready the most exploited but he drowns that guilt, either in drinks or in the stories he likes to tell, about his fight with some Greenskin, or how he accidantly bedded a female Ogre. It is hard world, and one day….one day he has to return to his heritage.

--- Quote ---Hintery Hints
On the writing desk is a book of maps, open at a page showing an area of Talabecland called the Barren Hills. A circle has been drawn around what looks like a crater, situated in the fork of two streams that converge to form the River Narn. The Narn itself joins the River Stir, which flows into the Reik at Kemperbad.

Beside the map book is a volume of Sternschau's Astronomical Records, open at the following passage:

In the year of Sigmar 2302, on Hexenstag, the Witch Moon did shine green and smiling upon the world, and so as an omen of disaster. At this time the heavens burned with a great multitude of descending bodies, some of which did smite the earth and make it shudder.

On Geheimnistag, the Witch Moon did again turn its frightful face upon us. I, being prepared, did trace the path of a mighty shooting star as it crossed the sky like the Sun's Chariot: seeing it fall, I made such calculations as to determine the place of its landing. It struck mother earth most grievously, resting in the Barren Hills in Dread Talabecland, far up the Soulless River Narn.

Also on the desk is a letter:

My dear Etelka,

I hope you are well. The volumes I have sent with this letter should be sufficient to prove to you that the thing I have long sought exists, and can be reached. It has lain there some two hundred years already - I can only pray it lies there still. If it does, well, I scarcely need tell you the wonders we will be able to achieve once we possess it! Please, come to me in Nuln as soon as you can. I am preparing an expedition to the Barren Hills, and would value your presence. I have summoned my student Heidlemann as well, and I hope he arrives in time to join us.

I await your arrival with excitement.

Your friend,
Magnus College,

My dear Johannes,

Enclosed with this letter is the scroll you require for your endeavor. I hope it will prove suitable, since I found it necessary to employ extraordinary measures to obtain it! I am sure that you do not need to be reminded, but I know you will not take offense if I say this: be certain of your preparations, especially the apparatus and the dedicatory gift. Any mistake or oversight will lead to disaster.

My thoughts are with you, and my prayers also. I wonder if the inner circle know what awaits them when the task is complete! Our old mentor at Magnus College would be delighted with both of us, I am sure. Please write to me with news of your success! I enclose my address, in case you have mislaid it. I shall be leaving home on an expedition of my own in three weeks time. I dare not say more now, but a wonderful prize lies ahead of me!

Yours in love and friendship,

Etelka Hergen.

Residing at Black Peaks Tower, near the town of Grissenwald in the Electorate of Nuln
--- End quote ---

Julian Stonebridge
Age: 60
black/grey curly hair, plaited beard
height: 4 foot 6
Title: Knight of the Order of the Panther, Middenheim Chapter
Class: Academic. First career: Engineer.
Current career: Judicial Champion [Official Champion to Graf Boris Todbringer, Elector of Middenheim]
former careers: gunner, tunnel fighter, engineer

Fighting attire


movement: 3
weapon skill: 67**
ballistic skill: 23*
strength: 4**
Toughness: 7*
wounds: 10**
initiative: 36*
attacks 3**
dexterity: 38**
leadership: 78**
intelligence: 50**
cool: 75**
willpower: 65*

Social standing  B22, +5 in Middenheim
Social standing if displaying the insignia of a Knight Panther  A1 (noble), or A5 in Middenheim

fate points: 4

insanity points: 2

mining [Engineer upgraded version]  (May construct mines (+20% to construct tests). Can recognise all types of rocks, and find seams of metal, coal, or gemstones. +20% to find secret doors when underground)

metallurgy  (recognise the ores of important metals (iron, copper, tin, silver, lead), and extract the metal with proper equipment. Can calculate the proper proportions for the formulation of alloys)

very resilient   (+1 T, added to starting profile. Does not count as an advance)

dance  (+10% busk/employment tests as entertainer, adept at formal and informal dancing)

carpentry  (skilled in the construction of all wooden objects. +10% to construct tests involving wood. Can identify types of timber)

cartography  (Expert at reading and drawing maps. Good memory for directions and landmarks)

drive cart  (may drive a cart, wagon or chariot without difficulty)

engineering  (understands mechanical principals and methods of construction. May read and draw technical plans. +20% to all construct tests)

read/write  (can read and write any language they know)

secret signs: dwarf engineer's guild  (understand and write the secret signs used by the dwarf engineer's guild)

set trap  (may build complex traps to kill or capture. Victims are at -20 I against them. May trap small game with great success)

smithing  (can work common metals, and use a furnace to produce metal from scrap or ingots. May make and repair metal items, including
weapons and armour. +10 to construct tests)

spot trap  (+10% to avoid traps. Can find and disarm traps (may require Dex test))

night vision: 30 yards

strike mighty blow (+1 damage in combat)

dodge blow  (I test to avoid damage once per round)

strike to injure (modify location hit on enemy by +- 10%)

strike to stun  (able to stun enemies effectively)

chemistry (able to identify and use chemicals of various sorts, and can make things like gunpowder)

specialist weapon: bombs (use and manufacture of bombs)

specialist weapon: firearms (use and maintain pistols, handguns, and other firearms)

specialist weapon: cannon [Special note: can command one cannon crew for every 10 points of initiative.]

scale sheer surface (can climb without having to make a test, and can make very difficult climbs)

Old Worlder (Riekspiel dialect)
Khazalid (dwarfish)

changes of clothes
hand weapon
leather jacket
tool bag
hammers and nails
iron spikes
10 yards of heavy wire
hand axe
ring with concealed guild symbol
2007 gold crowns, 2 shillings (1000 with billy) +2500 crowns reward money + 880 crowns tax rebate
Nice shield
Fine pipe
Silver plated Hip flask
sleeved mail coat,
fancy breastplate
mail coif
Tobacco supply
Silver key to the town of Bogenhafen
Magical dwarfish shield (2 armour points)
20 bolts
Fine pair of boots
Fine fur lined cloak
Clockwork bird
astronomical/navigational instrument
steam engine
Dwarfish rune sword, Barrakul, 'the hope of the mountains.' The sword of Saint Siegfried von Kesselring, granted to Julian by the will of Sigmar himself! The sword ignores all armour saves, but cannot be used to harm dwarfs.
A good supply of ammunition and powder
Bomb-making equipment
chemistry apparatus and chemicals
waterproof cloak
Pendant carrying the emblem of the Wizards' and Alchemists' School of Middenheim
Golden medallion bearing the insignia of the Knights Panther
Blue cloak trimmed with panther fur

Armour points:
shield = 2
head = 2
body = 2
left arm = 1
right arm = 1
left leg = 1
right leg = 1

Career exits:
mercenary sergeant/captain
witch hunter

Judicial Champion unlearned career skills:
Specialist weapon - fencing sword
Specialist weapon - fist weapon
Specialist weapon - flail/whip
Specialist weapon - lasso
Specialist weapon - net
Specialist weapon - parrying weapon
Specialist weapon - two-handed weapon

Judicial Champion advance scheme:

Gunner advance scheme:

Engineer advance scheme:

tunnel fighter advance scheme:
WS+10 (can't take, engineer)
W+2 (can't take, engineer)

skills to learn:
dodge blow*
scale sheer surface*
strike mighty blow*
strike to injure*
strike to stun*

total exp [3100], spent on 5 engineer advances(one free to complete the advances), 1 to change career and 5 tunnel fighter advance, fgour skills (SMB, strike to stun, strike to injure and dodge). 100 to change to gunner, 300 to buy chemistry, bomb and firearm skills. 500 on 5 gunner advances. 100 on cannon skill. 100 on gunner Ld advance. 100 to change to Judicial Champion. 100 to learn scale sheer surface. 400 for WS, S, A, Dex.


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