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Shadows over Bogenhafen: game thread [players only please!]

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rufus sparkfire:
Shadows over Bogenhafen

The year is 2512. Emperor Karl-Franz has already been on the throne for ten years, and his reign has brought peace and prosperity to The Empire. The greatest nation in the Old World stands firm against the enemies that threaten it from all sides. But what about the enemy within?

Bogenhafen is a prosperous trading town on the river Bogen in the Reikland. It is ruled by a council dominated by guild leaders and powerful merchant families. Every year, the Schaffenfest draws visitors from all over The Empire.  This year, it has attracted a small group of adventurers who have little idea of what fate has in store for them:

Heinrich Kanone des Untergangs, a bounty hunter
Mortus Basanduine, a wizard's apprentice
Klaus Metzger, a professional gambler
Julian Stonebridge, a dwarf engineer
Friedrich von Hersting, a minor nobleman

Julian has a map of the town, which conveniently also shows the rough layout of the Schaffenfest by the east gate.

[missed off the bottom: 38 = mourner's guild, 39 = tailor's guild]

If you can't read the map, maybe try downloading it?

The adventure starts soon!

rufus sparkfire:
Welcome to Bogenhafen!

The mid day sun is beating down on your heads as you arrive at the town of Bogenhafen. The weather has been steadily becoming warmer and warmer over the past few days, and it is now almost unbearable - it feels more like high summer than spring. But, the sight of the Schaffenfest laid out before you - a bright and noisy mess that runs along the outside of the town wall - fills you with excitement. The first day of the fair is only half over, but it is already packed with people from all over Reikland. The smell of livestock and unwashed, sweating bodies competes with the stench of spilled beer and the exotic scents rising from merchant stalls. Musicians are waging a cacophonous battle for your attention, forcing the stallholders to shout at the top of their voices to be heard. Away from the clamor of the public areas, the sun gleams off the armour of jousting knights, while nobles look on.

There are a lot of things to see here. What catches your attention first?

- the livestock market
- the freak show
- the wrestling ring
- the beer tent
- the food stalls
- the merchant stalls
- the entertainers and fortune tellers
- the gambling tent
- the jousting lists
- the festival law court, stocks and whipping post

After such a long and hot travel, I suggest we make our way to the beer and food tents to quench our thirst and quell our grumbling stomachs.

Fandir Nightshade:
Klaus proclaims that it is a  great idea even though he seems a bit relcutant to go to the tent. "I would like to invite you nice fellows for the first round of celebrate the good travel company you were and that the gods lead us here secure and in one piece."

"If there is a fine wine I might be interested," Mortus says, though her eyes are already wandering towards the merchant's stalls.   She pauses to consider.   "And some stew.   You can't get enough of a good stew."


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