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What's going on regarding Warhammer at your local game store?

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So, it's the 4th of July (oh the irony there), and I'm wondering what's going on at my local game store?  Maybe its time for a field trip.  I need to pick up some black paint anyway, so maybe it will be worth a good hoot to see what is happing regarding AoS, if they're open.

Anyone else putting in a trip and care to share your experience?

Are they even open today?

Place a phone call and find out.  Or maybe try their website and see.  Come on Darknight, I figured this was right up your alley. :icon_wink:

I found one is, one isn't, and I'm calling a third. How about your's?  :icon_cool:

My local GW is open, according to their FB page. Wife and I are putting some pants on (separate pants) and going to take a look.

Well there we go!  That's two of us. And imagine that, visiting with pants on here, too.  :icon_lol: :::cheers:::


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