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Rumours and what's new to be expected of WAoS

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As Fidelis remarked the 9th edition thread isn't covering this topic anymore, so I wanted to start a new one where people can talk about the new stuff and repacked stuff that is coming out for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

So I'll start off with a link to another thread I made with a list of what we know and is here and what might come about the miniatures them self,50776.0.html

I would lik this topic to expand on this and everything else with it.

So I'll bring back my comment in the other thread to start with

--- Quote from: StealthKnightSteg on July 30, 2015, 03:04:39 PM ---Those new Paladins are brutal from what I have seen from pictures out of the WD! Decimators and Protectors.

--- End quote ---

Added with the selling of a Sylvaneth battalion box 36 Miniatures (32x Dryads(plastic), 1 Branchwraith(resin), 3 Treelords (ancient or Spirit of Durthu options)(plastic))

Also to be expected: Prosecutors with spear/shield?

What about some of the expected Khorne dudes? from the big book's Khorne's Warhorde formation:
Exalted/Aspiring Deathbringer

And what about Empire models, War Altar, Warrior Priests and Flaggelants most likely as they are featured prominently in the big book

In the big book there is a battleplan that is about storming a fortress. The fortress in my opinion seems it could be a new kit as it is repeated in some other images. I may have got that wrong. It does seem a little too Chaos to fit with my force but I liked the look of it.

watchtower seems to be a new one page 154  and 157 and on page 160 in the background? Tower seems to be there with additions also on page 90-91 the big diorama several times. Page 220 aso features a thing like it and something else with a big head. which is there again on 223 and 224

there is also some kind of obelisk thingy page 162 and 165 in The Ritual battleplan

I also see a rocky formation with 3 big skulls appear numerous times 104 -105 the seraphon pages and in the background of page 107 behind the spider gobbo's

Just checked the book now and I think you are right. No longer think it is a fortress but just the Chaos looking watch tower repeated over and over.

Probably something modular again like the Ophidian Archway and the Numinous Occulum are, and they can be combined as well according to the new WD.
I think it will be the same with that watchtower and that building with that big head.


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