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For those unaware ... the historical game system called Lion Rampant has not only expanded into fantasy with the rules called Dragon Rampant, but there is also an effort underway to add an additional set of rules based on the same system, and currently being called Pikeman's Lament.

The latter seemes to be based more in the 17th century, the era of the English Civil War and the Thirty Years War, and then into the end of the 1600s when the shift towards infantry carrying only guns and eventually giving up the pike began.  The 15th and 16th century is more closely associated to Warhmmer-Empire, yet I'm looking forward to seeing how Pikeman's Lament handles things anyway.

Picked up a copy of Lion Rampant at Cold Wars and bought it.  Couldn't locate Dragon Rampant or I'd have bought that, too.  A quick review of the contents seems to show that it is a system needing relatively few figures per side to get started, and players can increase the size of their armies as they acquire more.  I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl at some point.

My exploration of Lion Rampant has begun.  Played in a game this past December, and expect to play some more, maybe even this upcoming weekend.  There are a group of guys that have begun to use these rules locally for historical play, and so far what I've seen has been a non complex system of rules, easily learned, and fun to play.

Considering the following make up for my first 24 point army ...

1 mounted men-at-arms unit, 6 points, 6 figures
1 mounted sergeants unit, 4 points, 6 figures, with crossbows
1 foot men-at-arms unit, 6 points, 6 figures
1 foot sergeants unit, 4 points, 12 figures
1 archer unit, 4 points, 12 figures

What I'm also interested in doing is  trying the new Pikeman's Lament rules, which has just been released, and it is based on the same system as Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant.

It looks like a fun system. If I could find some people locally playing it I'd give a try.

The rules are $18.  Buy it, provide a second army for another player, and voila!


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