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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

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Cubicle 7 have announced they are doing a new edition of WFRP in the in Old World

I know there will be plenty of people on this forum who will be interested, if not delighted to hear this

Karl Voss of Averland:

Not much info at the moment.

They've said they will be at Warhammer Fest this weekend,and i'm going, so i'll track them down and see what I can find out, and give them my opinions as a long time player/GM

No AoS is good for me. 

I've heard that a lot of folks seem to like 1st and 2nd edition over 3rd.  Is 3rd even worth it?

3rd got bogged down with custom dice and cards and tokens, like a board game.  Too much stuff on the tabletop.

It did have some good things, like a party cohesion thing, and some great artwork throughout, and some pretty good stories, but I didn't like they system that much. 

I converted the few stories I did try to 2nd ed, which was my favourite version of the game.


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