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Artobans Ghost:
Well, after a long spell away, which included 2 versions of 40k and the new AoS, I have finally got my s**t together and have a mostly completed hobby room. I bought my first paints yesterday (space wolves?!) and started were I left off. Felt fantastic to paint again and I looked at my overly big 6x4 table for the room and my mouse eaten battle mat with only a couple of delapitaded trees and wood shacks ( I must have tossed my terrain at some point - might have been the flood) and decided to try out AoS. Three a unit of halbediers with a warrior priest, a unit of spearmen with a priest, an engineer with a hochland, and and elf contingent of archers, silver helms, 2 lion chariots , a Mage on a dragon, an arch Mage against a tzeench army of 60 horrors, a herald, two 6 man units of flamers and a unit of screamers plus a lord of change. Horrors were 2 x 20 plus 2 x 10 summoned units.
Not sure what I was thinking regarding balance but I didn't care. An outpost to hold off the horde?
Anyway, made it thru 3 turns before I had to sleep. Freakin loved it!!!
The helms were terrific so far against the horrors. Flamers and screamers are pretty tough and dish out a lot of pain but my rolling is still crap. Priests are still standing but the halbediers had enough and the last for ran. Lion chariots are fun and the archers are still standing though decimated. Really enjoying this new game and it's so easy to play.

Baron von Klatz:
Haha, that's fantastic to hear!  :biggriin:

I need to get a hobby room for myself one day.  Definitely would make things a tad easier.

Great to know you got back into the hobby with both feet on the ground and kicking chaos' mutated behind. :::cheers:::

Any chance to see your completed hobby room Artoban? These are great news! :icon_razz:

Artobans Ghost:
When I get back from work I'll take some pics. It still needs work but what the hell 😸

Ha nice that your back into the hobby mate and even happier that you are enjoying it again!


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