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"Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corp" is a relatively recently released board game that seems to have a similar feel to it as Space Hulk.

It has 7 green figures for the humans, 16 black figures for the aliens, and seem to be in 28mm.  Also, the boards have two sides, ship rooms and hallways  on one side, and the other side are an alien environment.

Here are two videos ... the first one provided because it is what I saw intially, and her voice, and enthusiasm, and ...

(GP ... now. now ... time to move along.)


And the second has a bit more detail on what is happening with this game ...


It looks awesome, and I'd love to get into it, but I really can't justofy getting into ANOTHER minis game...

Man I can't stand that channel.

I do think thats a cool looking game though. I believe there was an earlier version of something like this from that Leading Edge company back in the day. I have given thought to gong back and getting all their minis I used to have back in the day but are glad I didn't. If I felt the urge to do something Aliens tho, it would prob be this game. Nice, compact, everything fits in the box. Perfect.

The old metal minis from Leading Edge are very expensive today. Very cool, though.

Its funny, as kids we tried to develop our own Aliens RPG. We noted the difference between the alien in Alien 1 and 2, and felt that it would be cool if the DNA of the host could effect the Alien, so we started mixing up various alien-animal combos. Like aquatic Aliens, etc.

I think our reasoning was justified as I think the later movies did some of that too, but I can't remember.

It was pretty fun but we didn't go very far with it. We started developing various weapons that would be used to fight them and one suggestion was some kind of mace for hand-to-hand that contained some kind of base in the spikes to neutralize the acid blood lol.

We gave some thought on what would happen if they got loose on Earth and concluded Earth would be fucked.


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