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Making use of aviable minis... The birth of Joanna van Kane and her Ostwald buff


Mathi Alfblut:
I started another thread about the possibility of making my own Pirazzos lost legion.
But at the same time I realized that in Warhammer Armies Project I could give Empire spearmen pikes.

I have about 30 warlord 17th century pikemen (with broken and unbroken pikes) and maybe 40 or so musketeers. They are thinner and shorter than GW:s state troops, especially the last ones. But I also have landsknecht style heroine that I want to use but she is also way thinner compared with GW:s stuff.
But when I tried placing her with the pikes, it looked so much better!
So I am about to reconsider my army a bit. I have 29 halberds with a warrior priest and 24 swordsmen who can guard my battle standard.
So I think there will now be a new centerpiece in the army, a 30 strong block of pike around my general Joanna Kane van Nordwald, with two "sleeves" of shotte, that is two units of 10 musketeers.

They will look different than the rest but they will have been trained and equipped in "Estalian" manner but combined with supporting units of handgunners. They are Joanna Kanes mercenary company but if the Empire can they will serve.

Sounds ... grrrrrreat! :icon_biggrin: :::cheers:::


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