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Monster Hunter's Tavern


This is a tavern I made with a combination of a Tequila Bottle in the back and a Crown Royal Botel in the front and foam blacks in-between. I don't drink, but my sister worked at as a bartender years and years ago, so I got dibs on a  couple cool bottles. The Tequilia acting as a chimney, and the Front IN Troll Blood (Privateer Press Color range) the Crown Royal. The decor and birds are from Hobby Lobby, and the head is the spare head to the Slaughter Brute/Vortex Beast kit as I did the latter for a Tzeentch Themed army.

The side is various hobby sticks form various hobby stores, with some as a slanted roof. I added hay to make a look for flocking and may cut some off to make it less messy. THe legs are from a Orc Boy kit I got years ago (bought it for a communication class as a way to teach someone how to paint a mini and Orcs look good no matter what you do). I thought having them sticking out the side of a windo would be a fun scene, like an epic bar fight was going on inside.

Certainly creative. :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

It definitely looks fantasy.  I like the color used on the bottle.  The thatching/hay seems like it could use a bit of trimming.  Also, the painting on the door looks ace, although the sign above the door is a bit difficult to read, and I'd use a fine point marker to more clearly have it stand out.


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