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TOR - Planned List Fun (and feedback?)


Hello Warhammer Empire!

Great to be back after (sharp intake of breath) a decade....

Excited to dust off some old minis and kitbash some new ones - especially a grandmaster on a demigryph!  Love the character options, as well :-)

Here's my proposed list.  I'm trying to think through my missile options... skirmisher archers to screen, pistoliers to bait and flee, etc. 

Any thoughts or feedback would be swell!

++ Characters [752 pts] ++
Grand Master [300 pts] - Run with 2 demigryphs
(Hand weapon, Full Plate Armour, Shield, Demigryph, Ogre Blade, Dawnstone)

Captain of the Empire [131 pts] - Run with halberd block
(Hand weapon, Full plate armour, Battle Standard Bearer, On foot, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, War Banner)

Master Mage [110 pts] - Run with halberd block
(Hand weapon, Level 2 Wizard, On foot, Dispel Scroll)

Chapter Master [124 pts] - Run with knights
(Hand weapon, Full Plate Armour, Barded Warhorse, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield)

Captain of the Empire [87 pts] - Warmachine hunter/march blocker
(Lance, Full plate armour, Shield, Pegasus)

++ Core Units [551 pts] ++
30 Veteran State Troops [335 pts]
(Hand weapons, Light armour, Halberds, Drilled, Sergeant (Champion), Standard bearer, Musician, 10 State Troops [Planning swordsmen or archers here])

9 Empire Knights [216 pts]
(Great weapons, Heavy armour, Shields, Preceptor (Champion), Standard bearer, Musician)

++ Special Units [693 pts] ++
2 Demigryph Knights [140 pts]
(Lances, Full plate armour, Demigryph Preceptor (Champion), Musician)

1 Great Cannon [125 pts]

1 Great Cannon [125 pts]

5 Pistoliers [93 pts]
(Hand weapons and brace of pistols, Heavy armour, Vanguard, Veteran (Champion) with repeater pistol)

3 Demigryph Knights [210 pts]
(Lances, Full plate armour, Demigryph Preceptor (Champion), Standard bearer, Musician)

Created with "Old World Builder"


I haven't played yet, but feels a bit top-heavy, with not a lot of infantry and a lot of characters.  I would probably try and fit another block in, losing a few knights and a cannon.

It looks solid to me. Can you find points to put a talisman of protection on the wizard?

I'm interested in knowing how the pistoleers perform for you.

What Dazgrim said. Although I can see a use for all those characters. You want to play a fast, hard-hitting force that lets you dictate where and what you fight. The character ensemble does support this. It's a bit of a glass hammer.

Do you plan to play on the suggested 44"x60" table size, or the traditional 48"x72"? With only four regiment-sized units, this force might be outmaneuvered, but less so on a smaller table.

It's a bit sad that Demigryph Knights seem to be an auto-include for the Empire now - as they were in the 8th ed. Strangely, I have nothing against two cannons being an auto-include.  :icon_lol:

What if one or even both of those Demigryph Knight units were 6+ Inner Circle knights with FC? Would the list idea & performance change much? Even more glass hammery?



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