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I return!


Count James:
Sort of, anyway.

In the 12 years plus since my last post I've had some close encounters with "real life", a part of which was the reluctant sale of all of my toy soldiers. The Return of the Square Bases has rekindled my interest bigtime and I've just spent a good couple of hours reliving my past looking at my old posts, photos of my sadly-gone army, and generally just reading through The Old World forum.

I actually rediscovered this forum trying to google some random Empire-related stuff was surprised to find my account still works. Hopefully my rulebooks will be with me soon and even more hopefully I'll be able to start assembling my army! Solland will rise again!

Just need to find (a) time to do hobby again and (b) somewhere to play...

Also holy <bleep> the old models are hard to get hold of now. Anyone else hoping the prices will calm down once the actual Empire stuff gets released again...?

Welcome back mate - I made a similar return last summer.

Definitely feels like The Old World is breathing new life in to the forum again - Or in our case, old life.

Welcome back to W-E! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::


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