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Filling the Void - A Necromunda Campaign


Starting this thread to follow a homegrown Necromunda campaign that I'll be arbitrating for my mates and I.

Super excited, it's happening... It will be the first tabletop games any of us will have played since around 2017, and for 4 of the 8 in the campaign, the first ever real Games Workshop game they will have played.

I'm slightly nervous about arbitrating having only got back in to the hobby last year and not having touched Necromunda since the old version in about 2004, but it's just mates and we'll take it pretty chill along the way, using it as a learning experience for future.

Necromunda works well as it's immersive and thematic and the cost of entry is low for everyone, but I'm hoping people enjoy it and decide to take a look at TOW as well for example.

Anyway, I'll be playing a pure Redemptionist take on Cawdor, about half of whom are finished, with the rest to come over the next few weeks.

We're kicking off the campaign with an 8-person multiplayer in April. We're running a fluff driven custom scenario with Random 3 gangers each, no Leaders though, as I don't want someone's first tabletop game to begin with their Leader dying turn 1 haha. Should be a super fun, social day with beers and pizza too.

Hosting means that I'm also sorting scenery/the board and that's soaked up some money and time recently. Etsy has been a gold mine tbh, since re-joining the hobby last year I've noticed the massive improvement in 3rd party products, printed minis/scenery and online resources (Like Yaktribe) - It all makes it easier and more accessible. Anyway, I love these resin accessories to turn beer/fizzy drink cans in to scenery - Awesome stuff.

I plan to keep updating this thread with pictures of the Gangs, the scenery and eventually updates on the battles/campaign too. There's some fluff written behind the name/concept too, I won't bother posting that for now, but if anyone is interested - Just say  :-D

Very nice! Keep us posted!

This sounds great, and looks liek you're off to a good start. :icon_cool:

I look forward to reading and seeing more. :::cheers:::

Cheers Gents.

Lots of headway in the last month.

My gang is coming together - I have about 3 minis left to paint, including my Leader. I'll then have about 1800 - 200 credits painted, so I'm hoping I'm set up for the duration of the campaign, without having to buy much/anything else.

A couple of quick pictures of some of those painted below:

The campaign starts next month, all 8 players (Me, Plus 7 mates) are coming over on a Saturday to kick off with a big multiplayer. Thus, I've need to sort some scenery too, like my gang, that's coming together. I particularly like this billboard picked up from some online laser cutting company.

Most interestingly though - I've had a couple of practice games. Significantly, these are my first games of any tabletop miniature game since a couple of games of 8th back in 2017.

I started off with a really small skirmish on the fold up laminated paper board, which comes with the Hive War set. It was good fun, got me and a mate of mine used to the rules and generally it was pretty even with his Helots.

Then, yesterday, my best mate and I dipped his toes in - Playing Border Dispute with his both of our full, proposed  starting lists from the campaign. It was an absolute blast.

I benefited from some good dice rolls, never running out of ammo on my punishing flame weapons... He had his fair share of excruciating roles, missing out by 1 on turning my Leader insane. Then, after my Leader turned his PsyGheist to mincemeat in his following activation, his Leader missed from point blank with a Plasma Pistol to finish the turn. I then won priority again and charged and murdered his Leader.

The game was summed up by his Nacht-Gul and one of my Zealots squaring off in the middle of the board to start. If he won priority, my Zealot would have been cut in to bitesize chunks in seconds, I won priority and flamed his Gul first activation of the game - Wounding him and setting him on fire!

Regardless of the result, we both had a great time and we have another game planned in a fortnight, in fact with a couple of other people. I'm super excited for the campaign to start now, getting back on to the tabletop recently has definitely got the cogs whurring again.


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