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Hi everyone!



Iíve reading this forum from the shadows since 7/8th warhammer fantasy ed. came out.

Since I was a kid, I really love Empire. This has allways been my most favourite WFB faction. When I discovered this site,
I was so pleased to see a lot of people loving empire as much as I did, but never took the decision to participate. Now with the new warhammer Old World launch, things has changed and here I am introducing myself and willing to join actively to this comunity, Iíll promise Iíll try to upload some pics of my Empire (Talabecland) army!

Iíve allways been more painter than gamer, but now Iím starting to play ToW with my friends and Iím eager to learn. Here where I live (Madrid, Spain), there has always been a big community playing WFB, and now ToW.

See you people around the forum! Cheers!

Welcome to W-E! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::


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