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Stormcast demigryphs for conversions?


Hi guys.

As there is still some time before the re-release of empire minis, I have been considering using stormcast demigryphs for conversions (also as this could be a fun project). Does anyone have an idea as to the scale difference between stormcast demigryphs and empire demigryphs? I have a suspicion that they may be too big.

The Stormcast demigryphs are indeed huge compared to the Empire demigryphs, but will just about fit on 50x75mm bases. You might need some angling, and of course the heads and tails will come out of the base. But it's doable.

I had this project in mind, and did own the Stormcast demigryphs and the 50x75mm bases. But I decided not to, and sold them, so cannot take photos now.


Ah, ok. I think Iíll just wait for the old world demigryphs then. Maybe do a head-swap or two with the AoS models.


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