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New faq released!

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So the faqs have been updated, addressing most if not all of the latest debates.

Some highlights:

Drilled units can reform before charging when in column formation.

Lance is used when pursuing into fbigo (it always works when charging or counting as charged)

The Helstrum trick does not work anymore. "Q: Can the spell Spectral Doppelganger from the Lore of Illusion be used with a magic weapon that allows the wielder to make only a single attack? A: No. Weapons limited to a single attack can only inflict a single hit.". Damn this hurts.

weapons with strike first do not allow wizards to cast assailments at I 10

The close order bonus is now with unit strength of 5 or more, regardless of composition (so monsters in, small units out).

Mercenaries take magic items from the list they are taken from, not the army that hires them

What do you think?

The mace combo was stupid, but it was the best dragon counter the army had, so this is bad news:P

It's overall a good FAQ.

It settles the lance into FBIGO argument once and for all, and to the surprise of absolutely no one who can read, you can use lances when you charge, as the rules said

When can a model use a lance?
A: During any turn in which it charged or counts as
having charged.

Doesn't get much clearer than this. I think it makes clear that the 'in subsequent' turns portion in the lance rules does not override the 'if you charged' rules, as some people were erroneously claiming. Rather, the 'if you charged' turn overrides the 'subsequent turns' part (as intuitively makes sense) so you don't get into a situation where it's both a turn you charged and a turn subsequent to a turn you charged and thus you aren't sure if you can use your lance. And of course, it answers the objection some people might have that you can use your lance only once per game.

They also removed the confusing flavor text from the original FBIGO weapon switching question, which now (as is appropriate) doesn't mention lances at all. Lances aren't treated any differently during a FBIGO than any other weapon, and lances aren't treated differently in FBIGO than they are at any other time. Both of these decisions are correct and consistent with the rest of the rules.

Notably the cannon update could make aiming at things more restrictive if there's a unit behind a dragon for example:

"Q: Can a cannon be shot in such a way as to hit an enemy unit
that is engaged in combat with a friendly unit?
A: No. Page 143 of the rulebook makes it clear that, except in rare
cases, units cannot shoot enemy units that are engaged in combat.
In the case of cannon, this means the target point cannot be placed
in such a way as to risk the cannonball hitting a friendly unit, or an
enemy unit engaged in combat with a friendly unit."

Oh and Steam Tank cannon is front arc only now too.

Good FAQ overall, answers and clarifies most of the debated rules we've seen in TOW so far, while fixing some broken mechanics:

- Random Movement now following the normal rules for its unit type is good, it was pretty busted with how it worked RAW-wise until now.

- Bedazzling Helm suddenly being infantry or cavalry only is a pretty big blow to my General on Griffon-build tho (only way to accquire a 2+ for him).
I can only guess that this change is due to how busted the Nurgle Lord on Dragon build was. Still a weird change given that some other armies can still obtain a 2+ save for their ridden monsters but meh.

- Drilled being clarified that it now allows a unit to redress their ranks before charging is good I suppose, opens up new ways to play these units.
(I know some people already played it like this but the rules was unclear previously.)
Drilled can now also apparently redress their ranks before Giving Ground, which was a surprise.

- Clarified which models that are eligible to attack in a unit that gets to fight (remove models in fighting rank firstly, and models in "supporting rank" afterwards).

- Split profile models who aren't in base contact during close combat but still in the fighting rank now gets to make a single attack for "each model on that base". This is good and makes sense, but I can already see people arguing "are these separate models?"  :icon_rolleyes:

- Close Ordere now requiring a Unit Strength of 5 instead of a certain number of models in order to obtain +1 CR is great - unless you are a monster with US 4 or less that is.

- The messy Q&A about switching weapons during a GG/FBIGO has been updated and clarified, and now simply states (as it always inteded) that you can't switch weapons during a GG/FBIGO. Pointless flavour-text about dropping broken lances/spears and pulling up a sword has been removed, thankfully, as that just sparked pointless discussions...

- Stomp Attacks/Impact Hits has been clarified to hit the other participant in a challenge.

- Rules granted by weapons (mundane or magical) does not apply to attacks from the mount. (This was obvious RAI to me from the start.)
Still unclear if rules granted by a magic item (non-weapon) applies to attacks from the mount, i.e. Laurels of Victory on a Imperial Griffon.

- A model with adhw can now opt to only use one hand weapon. Might be a minor point but it allows some units that come with adhw by default (like Skaven Assassins) to actually benefit from Warpstone Weapons.

- Lances clarified to be able to be used when a model charges or counts as charging, no other requirements or restrictions. We can finally leave this discussion behind us...!

- Cannons are not allowed to be shot in a way that they hit enemy units in combat with a friendly unit. I know some people who played it this way despite it feeling very gamey, so I'm glad the FAQ prevents this now.

- Spectral Doppelganger now working with single-attack weapons like Mace of Helsturm is probably good for the game, but I'd like Spectral Doppelganger to simply have a restriction when it comes to magic weapons in general.

A question that I'd still like to get answers to is;
- Does special rules granted by magic items that benefit the "wearer/bearer/character/etc" affect the entire model with if it has a split profile (i.e. Ridden Monster)? Does for instance my Imperial Griffon benefit from the Laurels of Victory?

- I'd also like for some restriction to Line Hammer to be implemented in the FAQ/Errata, but I'm not sure myself on how that restriction would best be implemented. Maybe a "Regular Infantry can only be X wide, Heavy Infantry can only be Y wide"-etc sort of dreal?

All in all, two thumbs up to GW for this FAQ, but it should've been released a full month ago at the latest.


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