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Archers and other Chaff

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Greetings fellow Generals!  :happy:

I'm just wondering how you use your small disposable units. Archers and other chaff..
Scouting archers ahead of the main battle line? Open or Skirmishing?
How are you positioning your detachments? Deflecting units for a flank charge?

In other words, how can we use our small throwaway units, to help the rest of the force?

They kinda work as detachments of greatswords, getting stubborn. I once deployed 1 unit of 10 archers in front of the unit (geatswords as i said) to absorb the first charge from some HE Dragon princes, and in the end they worked allright for a 35 pts speedbump. You know they don't cause panic since they skirmish, so it's pretty safe to put them there.

The same thing can be done by outriders (fire and flee, skirmishers, they can pass through the unit behind to safety) witha better effect since they have a lot of shots and bs4 - i don't know if they count as msu since they are cavalry and the cost 100+ pts. In this case i'd say put them in front of spearmen since you won't be using stubborn.

For 87 points a captain with full plate lance and shield on Pegasus. Amazing chaff.


--- Quote from: Footpatrol2 on April 10, 2024, 06:00:11 PM ---For 87 points a captain with full plate lance and shield on Pegasus. Amazing chaff.

--- End quote ---
This would be great if we had viable core choices other than archers and knights

6 point state troops are fine. Just don't take the veteran boost.


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