Author Topic: "Random" musings about 8th edition  (Read 2427 times)

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"Random" musings about 8th edition
« on: January 25, 2010, 11:01:38 AM »
Some (most) stuff has already been said, I think, but here's my "wishlist":

taking an engineer allows you to take a mortar/cannon battery (0-2 cannon/mortar per choice) as a single special choice.
add a rule to show the volatile nature of gunpowder (i.e. when destroying a cannon, all units within d6 inch get hit by explosion) or engineer/... making last-ditch defence (selfdestruction of gunpowder-stock).
generate steampoints of stank at start of battle and give players choice when to use steampoints and how many (i.e. 3 in own turn, 2 in opponents) - overpowering?
add a master engineer (lord choice)
remove spearmen from list. Instead use halberds as spears (2nd rank) and halberd (first rank).
Greatswords can have magic banner (standard)
Add cult-related stuff (i.e. Banner of Sigmar: unit becomes frenzied)
More huntsmen-units possible and/or increased BS and/or Longbows/xbows/hgun options
modular options for the stank (no cannon, but mortar i.e.)
modular options for knights (like a vow? - saw this mentioned in a white dwarf somewhere)
modular options for pistoliers (lancers?) and/or make them a core choice in certain armies
add some real special/rare stuff: i.e. kind of skirmishing unit of fanatics, zealous witchhunters (fearless?), college of magic-adepts (boost spells of wizard of same college?), blunderbuss-armed units

In general, I think we have too many basic stuff and nothing really "freaky" that represents the Imperial background...

any thoughts?
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Re: "Random" musings about 8th edition
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2010, 05:51:33 PM »
I am never a fan of removing stuff from the list for a new edition. Especially core stuff. What am I supposed to do with my sixty odd spearmen if they're removed? It's bad enough that I have sixty odd pikemen as well.

No, never remove. Always add something new.