Author Topic: New Detachment Maneuver: Covering Fire  (Read 2928 times)

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New Detachment Maneuver: Covering Fire
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It seems odd that detachments have offensive and defensive charging maneuvers, but only defensive shooting maneuvers. I've seen similar suggestions on the forum, but they all involved actual shooting for wounds, which I think would be too powerful on the charge. A more strategic maneuver would fit empire fluff better anyways.

Covering Fire: During the charge phase an unengaged detachment in close support can provide Covering Fire. To do this the parent unit must be charging a target that the detachment would be able to shoot (front arc, line of sight, range). Covering fire is declared and resolved before the target makes a charge reaction. Make a ballistics skill characteristic check for each full rank of 5 models in the detachment and count the number of successes. Only one detachment can provide cover fire to a given charge.
- If the target takes a stand and shoot reaction, it suffers a -1 to hit modifier for each success as it is distracted by your shots
- If the charged unit takes a flee reaction, reduce the distance fled by 1'' for each success as the target scatters to avoid incoming fire
- If at least one success is made, the target loses any defensive benefits from obstacles as the defenders dive for cover rather than preparing to receive the charge

A detachment cannot provide cover fire if it has already declared a charge or is fleeing. A detachment that provides cover fire cannot charge on the same turn or shoot during the following shooting phase. It may still move during the remaining moves sub-phase, but it may not march.