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Kislev sends help
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  Word had reached Kislev about the activities going on in Middenland and Duke Ilya Romanov of Erengrad decided to act. Portions of Middenland had long been allies with Kislev in many wars, mostly during the numerous Chaos incursions, but most recently in the Marienburg War. The Duke was well aware of several of the electors and fondly remembered both Von Urenbach, whom he'd fought with, and Von Altenburg. He seemed to remember a halfling named "the Elbow-High" as well. The Duke saw an opportunity here to tighten the bond between Kislev and Middenland. If he could help get an elector of his choosing elected Emperor, it could well benefit both countries. Marienburg had crippled trade for Kislev during that war through hired piracy. Erengrad had been the second largest trading port in the Old World, next to Marienburg, but was quite devastated from the war. Duke Ilya wanted to not only equal Erengrad's former position, but exceed it and become number one in trade. He debated long and hard on which elector to support, debating back and forth between his two old allies Von Urenbach and Von Altenburg. Both were excellent military leaders and thats what he wanted in Middenland if a second war with Marienburg was to be prosecuted. In the end, Duke Ilya decided on supporting Von Urenbach, as he'd literally fought alongside the man at one point. He knew old Georg would have the support of many of his military subordinates from the war. He looked no further than his oldest son Vasili to dispatch to Middenland with a good sized force.
  Vasili Romanov held many titles besides being the duke's son and he'd earned each one of them, not having been given anything. His whole family came from a long line of Cossacks and if not wearing his armor for war, could usually be seen in cossack attire with bear fur hat and long bear fur trimmed coat. After rising through the ranks of the Winged Lancers he went on to the Gryphon Legion, becoming a captain, or rotamaster as its known in Kislev. With that rank in the Legion came the Cossack title of Attaman. Vasili was probably the most accomplished horseman from the western steppes. During the last Chaos incursion, his military tactics proved nothing short of brilliant, enveloping a large Chaos force and annihillating it. That got him promoted to marshal commander of the Western Oblast, one of four military districts in all of Kislev. He was great with his men as well. He lived with and trained among his men, even with the axe and bow armed Kossars and his large Gospodar halberd militia. He'd mastered their weaponry and tactics. Though he was an accomplished marksman with a handgun, he still hadn't reached the level of proficiency he desired. He therefore worked all the harder with his Streltsi, taking any and all tips he could from their sergeant, as the Streltsi were factually known to be the most accurate long range handgunners in the Old World.
  Vasili left Kislev with portions of almost every imagineable cavalry force the Western Oblast had. Among them were Ungol horse archers, Druzhina, Winged Lancers and Gryphon Legion. He even had 3 Sons of Ursa, similar to the Empire's Demigryph Knights, but mounted on huge northern bears instead. Infantry consisted of Gospodar militia, Kossars, Streltsi and half his father's Kreml Guard. To be accompied by Kreml Guard was a sign of the importance of this expedition to his father. Artillery consisted of two great cannons and two Uragon cannons, which are similar to a volley gun, though not quite as potent. Needles to say, the baggage train to supply this force for an extended period was quite large, consisting mostly of munitions and preserved foods like salted meats. Middenland's winter weather would assist in food preservation as well.
  Vasili looked forward to meeting von Urenbach, but his father had stated to do what he could to befriend both the Elbow-High and von Altenburg. His father had pointed out that that tri-party alliance would secure the western third of Middenland at the least. Many Kislev Dwarves had remained behind in Middenland after the Marienburg War and taken up residence with fellow dwarves at Fort Solace. Perhaps their allegiance could be had as well. Being so close to the coast, Fort Solace could be a re-supply point, bypassing the hated Marienburger-Averlander coalition.