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For Gold, God And Glory.
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Well with my last character ending up fertilizing a garden I'm going to need some new fluff for a new character. I still have to finish the fluff for the old guy and put up his death sage but might as well get this up. So here we go.


Paddy North is a man with a problem. Well two problems really. Money and land. That's all you need in this life to live good, and he doesn't have a lick of either. Yet that can change. There's war in land of the wolf. The Empress is dead and all the big wigs are fighting to replace her. A man could make a fortune fighting with the right person and a fortune is exactly what Paddy wants. Fortune and fame.

Paddy is a large bear of a man. A devote Ulrican, he's been a warrior ever since he was a youngling. he learned about the Wolves civil war from his wife. A minor daughter within the Wulf family, she was only idly him filling in on the local gossip, but Paddy saw opportunity. All he had to do was find a one of the armies who needed a captain. Traveling a long way's he arrived mid way through the civil war. He managed to impress several of the captain working for Ludwig von Rusdorf with his battle skills and when one of the commanding officers came down sick with the fever he took his chance.

Now he's a general. Fighting for a lord he doesn't care about, in a land he has only the most tenuous link to. Yet good things come to those with the strength to take them. Fame, Fortune and a noble title await and by the god's Paddy North will take them anyway possible.

Paddy is a giant of a man. Thickset and strong he also has a cunning mind. An expert in hit and run raids, he is rarely seen without his long sword and tomahawk. Wearing only light chain mail army, he still fights on the front line's and rarely from the rear. A shrewd tactician, he is still a selfish man. He care's nothing about the election. Only making sure his lord will win so he can be rewarded with rich lands, rich money and rich fame. His bodyguard is made up of men just like him, usually of the mercenary persuasion. Now that he's in command of an army, rather than just a regiment, he'll be flexing his muscles a bit more.

One of his close friends and advisors is patriarch of the Hirsh family. An expert in the forest's of the region he has command over a large group of irregular cavalry and infantry. With the heavy snow's falling across the region his scout's may have been hobbled but they more than make up for it in tenacity and bravery.
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Re: For Gold, God And Glory.
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Event's soon after Turn 4.

                   The Road
Paddy North looked back at the walls of Schoppendorf and fumed. He fumed because despite assault after assault he still sat outside the walls. He had personally led many of the attacks, on the last occasion leading the brave frontiersmen of Hirsh. Sadly he discovered that though brave and disciplined the irregulars were also not very effective when it came to scaling walls. Too often they would fall back to get a good firing advantage, leaving the rest of the attackers. Once they had even dropped to the ground after a volley had struck their line. They of course had dropped to the ground for protection. The rest of the battalion thought they had all been killed. Only the immense presence of Paddy yelling and berating them had kept them from running.

He snorted to himself as he watched the walls. Somewhere up there was one of the contenders for the throne. If the last week had shown him anything, well Paddy couldn't wait for these noble's to meet his irregular lads in a forest somewhere. That would be a battle worth seeing. Behind him he could hear Commander Karl Shultz von Weidmarkt discussing the recent dispatch's with the other Generals. Kapitan Werner Fremp look exhausted. His men had been marching from positions further away and had only just caught up with the main force before the battle. It was an interesting spot they were in. The Election was right around the corner. So far none of the challengers where in a position to secure the throne without lots of support. Many were desperately trying to secure an alliance with each other. North shrugged. He didn't care. That was for the higher ups.

Meanwhile his own fame was starting to spread, little by little. Two weeks ago most of the troops hadn't even heard of him. Instead they had been talking about the weather, or the Ulrican priest who had joined Von Rusdorf. Denfather Spalac or something. Now every campfire he walked past was discussing him. They couldn't stop talking about his actions during the fight. At one fire he heard a man swear to the gods themselves that he had seen Paddy North leap from the wall to help a fallen man, or slaying a dozen knights who had sallied out to attack the war machines. It was stories like that, that brought a grin to his face after the anger of the failure. He couldn't remember doing half the event's attributed him but there was enough truth involved to make it believable. He spared one more glance behind him at the enemy before stalking away. Who cared what so-mighty noble won the wolf throne? Paddy North would be famous one way or another.