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Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
« on: June 08, 2012, 09:51:18 AM »
Basic careers

warrior careers
pit fighter
protagonist (sort of a professional bully)
troll slayer (dwarf only)
tunnel fighter (dwarf only)

ranger careers
bounty hunter
muleskinner (guy who runs a mule train)
outrider (not like the warhammer ones!)
rat catcher
runner (dwarf only)
toll keeper

rogue careers
bawd (I think this is a pimp!)
entertainer (various subtypes for this one)
grave robber
thief (subtypes again)
tomb robber

academic careers
alchemist's apprentice
artizan's apprentice (subtypes)
engineer (dwarf only!)
initiate (to a cult - choose a god)
physician's student
wizard's apprentice

Advanced careers
These can only be entered from certain basic careers. They aren't arranged into classes.

alchemist (spellcaster)
artisan (has subtypes - blacksmith, tailor, that sort of thing)
cleric (spellcaster. Must belong to a religious cult)
druidic priest (spellcaster)
giant slayer (dwarf only)
judicial champion
mercenary captain
outlaw chief
sea captain
(specialist wizards: illusionist, elementalist, necromancer, demonologist)

Skills list:
acute hearing
animal care
animal training
arcane language (various)
boat building
cast spells (various)
charm animal
concealment (rural or urban)
consume alcohol
cure disease
demon lore
dodge blow
drive cart
excellent vision
fire eating
fleet footed
follow trail
frenzied attack
game hunting
gem cutting
heal wounds
herb lore
identify magical artifact
identify plant
identify undead
immunity to disease
immunity to poison
lightning reflexes
lip reading
magical awareness
magical sense
manufacture drugs/magic items/potions/scrolls
night vision
palm object
pick lock
pick pocket
prepare poisons
public speaking
river lore
rune lore
rune mastery
scale sheer surface
scroll lore
secret language (various)
secret signs (various)
set trap
silent move (urban or rural)
sixth sense
speak additional language (various)
specialist weapon (various)
spot trap
story telling
street fighter
strike mighty blow
strike to injure
strike to stun
super numerate
trick riding
very resilient
very strong
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2012, 09:56:29 AM »
M = how fast you move
WS = hitting in combat!
BS = hitting with shooting
S = combat damage, and smashing things
T = resistance to damage and disease
W = how much damage you can take before your head falls off
I = reaction speed and ability to notice things
A = number of attacks per combat round
Dex = ability to do complicated stuff with your hands
Ld = ability to lead and inspire others
Int = ability to think and understand
Cl = ability to remain calm in difficult situations
WP = resistance to magic and anything mind-affecting
Fel = social ability  (however, social status is a big deal and may be more important than how nice you are)

Combat works like this:
- as in D&D, you use initiative to see who acts first (no roll though, you just use the stat). Then the combat is divided into rounds, and you can choose to move, charge, shoot, or whatever. Charging gives you a bonus to hit.

To hit someone, you have to roll equal to or less than your WS on a d100. If you hit, you roll a d6 and add your S, then subtract the enemy's T.
Now, to see where you hit them, you reverse the numbers you rolled on your hit roll and check the chart to see if you hit an arm, the head, or whatver (so say you hit with a 32: reverse it to 23, and that means you hit the right arm).
Now you deduct the value of any armour they have from the damage you caused.
Anything left is the number of wounds they take (so, S3 + d6 roll of 4, -T3 and 1 armour point = 3 wounds caused).

head: 01-15
right arm: 16-35
left arm: 36-55
body: 56-80
right leg: 81-90
left leg: 91-00

You can also try to parry. Player may elect to parry after suffering a damaging hit. Roll equal to or less than your WS to reduce the damage by d6. Many weapons modify your WS when parrying, as above. If you attempt to parry, you lose one attack next round (succeed or fail).

You can parry with a shield, but will lose all attacks next round (only makes a difference if you have more than one attack on your profile). Shields give +20 to parry.

Some weapons give you bonuses or penalties. Hand weapons give neither. Knives give you +10 I, but -2 damage and -20 to parry.

Cannon's guy has a mail shirt, which gives 1 armour on the body

Finlay and Fandir have leather jackets. These give one armour on body and arms, but only if the damage caused was 3 or less. More than that and they do nothing.

If you get a 6 on your damage dice, roll a d100 and if it's less than or equal to your WS, roll another d6 and add that to the damage. If it's also a 6, roll another d6 and so on.

If you take damage that exceeds your current wounds score, it's a critical hit and your head might fall off.

Shooting works mostly like attacking in close combat, except you are further away...


Shields give 1 armour point (AP) to all body locations

mail coif = 1AP on head
helmet = 1AP on head
can wear both for 2AP

mail shirt = 1AP on body
breastplate = 1AP on body
can wear both for 2AP

plate or mail leggings = 1AP on legs
can wear both for 2AP, but -10 I

plate or mail bracers = 1AP on arms
can wear both for 2AP, but -10 I

sleeved mail shirt = 1AP body and arms
sleeved mail coat = 1AP body, legs and arms
Can stack these with plate as above. I penalties as above for having 2AP on arms and/or legs

leather jerkin (body)
leather jacket (body and arms)
leather coif (head)

Leather armour gives 1AP if taking 3 or less damage. But no AP if taking 4 or more damage. Doesn't stack with metal armour.

Approximate Prices(/GC)
leather coif 6
leather jerkin 12
leather jacket 17

mail shirt 80
mail coat 115
sleeved mail shirt 95
sleeved mail coat 130
mail coif 25
mail leggings 55
mail sleeves 20

breast plate 70
back plate 50
mail leggings 70
mail sleeves 60
gauntlets 30
knight's helm 20+1d10
pot helm 2

shield 2d8+2
unrimmed shield 10 shillings (lasts one adventure)

(I = inititative modifier, TH = to hit modifier, D = damage modifier, Py = parry modifier)

hand weapon (sword, club, mace, axe, things of that sort) no modifiers
knife or dagger +10 I, -2 D, -20 Py
spear* +10/+20 I, +10 TH**
improvised weapon -10 I, -2 D, +10 Py
bastard sword -10 I, +1 D
2-handed sword -10 I, +2 D
halberd* +10/+20, -10/+0 TH**, +2 D
quarterstaff -1D
flail -10 TH, +1 D, -10 Py
2 handed flail -20 I, -20 TH, +3 D, -10 Py
rapier +20 I, -1 D
buckler -2 D, +20 Py
left-hand dagger -2 D, -10 Py
sword breaker*** -2 D, -10 Py
net -10 TH, -10 Py
whip -10 TH, -2 D, -20 Py
lance**** +20I, +10 TH, +2 D, -20 Py

* spears and halberds get +10 I in round one of a combat, and thereafter if user is winning. They get +20 vs mounted enemies
** vs flying enemies only
*** successful parry breaks enemy's weapon
****lances work only when mounted and charging

Anything but a hand weapon, knife/dagger, spear or improv weapon is a specialist weapon and you need the relevant skill to use it effectively.

Missile weapons:

ranges are given as short/long/extreme, in yards. ES = effective strength. Load/fire times given in rounds (assume one round to load and fire if not stated)
short bow 16/32/150  3
bow 24/48/250  3
longbow 32/64/300  4
crossbow 32/64/300  4   1 to load, 1 to fire
crossbow pistol  16/32/50  3   1 to load, 1 to fire
repeating crossbow  32/-/100  3   fire 2 shots per round, until 10 fired. 8 rounds to refill ammo hopper
sling 24/36/150   3
staff sling   24/36/200  4  1 to load, 1 to fire
javelin  8/16/50  as thrower
spear  4/8/25  as thrower
dart/throwing knife/throwing axe 4/8/20  as thrower
blowpipe  12/24/50   1
lasso 8/16/30  entangles  1 round to throw, 2 to re-coil
bolas 12/24/50  1 (entangles)
pistol 8/16/50  4  2 to load, 1 to fire   misfires, intimidating noise!
blunderbuss 24/48/250  4   3 to load, 1 to fire   hits group, misfires, intimidating noise!
bomb 2/6/10  6 (area effect) misfires
incendiary 2/6/10 sets target on fire
improvised weapon  2/6/10 as thrower

All are specialist weapons (requiring a skill to use) other than: short bow, bow, crossbow, javelin, spear, improv. weapon.

Modifiers to hit
-10 small target
-10 firing from moving mount
-10 long range
-10 throwing improv. weapon
-10 target in soft cover
-20 target in hard cover
-20 extreme range

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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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Experience, and how stat increases work:

Each career has its own advance scheme. This tells you which stats your character can increase. You can only increase these stats, and no others... you'll need a new career to increase different stats.

One stat increase is either +10 or +1 to a stat, depending if it's a percentage stat or not. So, for example, WS increases in +10 increments, while S increases in +1 increments. It cost 100 experience points per advance.

Advances are listed as +10, +20, +30 or +40 (or +1, +2, you get the idea). Each +10 is one advance. You cannot repeat these. So, the first time you increase WS, you can use a +10. To increase it further, you need an advance scheme that has at least a +20. So a + 20 is actually two advances of +10.

So you can never increase WS by more than +40 in total. You can't take a +10 more than once, even from another career.

Stat boosts from skills (such as +10 I from lightning reflexes) are not advances and don't count toward this limit. You can still buy a +10 I if you have lightning reflexes.

Everyone has to complete their basic career (that is, buy all the characteristic advances available to them, at 100 exp for each) before they can change career. This means Mortus will be able to change before the others, because wizard's apprentice has a very small advance scheme.

It costs 100 exp to change to a career listed in your career exits (may be a basic or an advanced career). Or you can choose another basic career from the same class (so another academic career if an academic) for 100 exp. Or a basic career from a different class for 200 exp.

The new class will have a new advance scheme, new skills, and new equipment you will need. You don't start with any of those!

Non-career skills:
About pistols and the specialist weapon skill you need to use them: you can learn it without having it available from your career like this:

- buy a pistol
- practice for a week
- spend 100 experience points
- pass an intelligence test! If you fail you don't learn the skill but still lose the experience points.

You can learn any non-career skill in a similar way, though for many of them you'd need a teacher.

Insanity points:
Insanity points are gained when a character comes under extreme psychological stress. Examples include:

- suffering a critical hit
- failing a terror test
- taking mind-altering drugs (yes, there are rules for this)
- any other situation that is sufficiently horrible

Usually you gain one point at a time, but it's possible to gain more.

Insanity points do nothing until you have six of them. As soon as you do, you take a Cl test. Pass, and there is no immediate effect, but you test again on gaining another point. Fail, and you lose six insanity points... but gain a mental disorder! There is a big list of these. They can be cured, but not very easily, and the cure may be worse than the disorder (especially if you go for a surgical cure).
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2012, 02:20:52 PM »
The current game date is Konistag the 26th of Vorgeheim, in the year 2512.

The Imperial Calendar

Months are 32 or 33 days in length, and there are 400 days to a year. There are 8 days to a week. The solstices, equinoxes, new year's day (Hexenstag) and day of mystery (Geheimnistag) are not considered to be part of any months, but come in between

Months (with special 'spacer' days listed in brackets)

(Hexenstag) new year
(Mitterfruhl) spring equinox
(Sonnstill) Summer solstice
(Geheimnistag) night of mystery
(Mittherbst) autumn equinox
(Mondstille) winter solstice



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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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The party now own a river barge:

The Faithful Hound

70 feet long.

Cargo = none.

Cargo capacity = 45000 units.

M3, which means a speed of 2.75mph.

Steam engine: The engine gives +2 to the Faithful Hound's movement rate, but will be subject to an increasing risk of failure for each hour it is used after the first. It will then take several hours to cool down before it can be used again

Current location = trading, under the command of Billy Harefoot.

Previous maps: http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f207/sparky_sparkfire/WFRP/areamap.jpg

Current plot objectives

The mystery of the Emperor's illness!

Julian's enemy, Bardin Dwinbarsson (goes by Bernhardt among humans), a dwarf expelled from the engineers' guild because of him. He is out to get Julian somehow! Update: he's facing trial in Middenheim, after causing a great deal of trouble for Julian and the others.

Mortus is heading to Middenheim! on a solo mission to Ubersreik.

Defeat the villainous Etelka Herzen! Who is very likely in Marienburg, according to the magical powers of the High Wizard of the Jade College.

Track down Gotthard von Wittgenstein and bring him to justice. He is probably in Middenheim.

Chase the boat containing Othmayer and some other cultists, in the hope of discovering the true name of the powerful demon called 'the King.'
Update: Othmayer was caught and dealt with. He gave up the name... possibly. He wrote something down that he said was the name. Presumably, the King is still after the group.

Destroy the Red Crown in Altdorf! Possible leads:

- track down Othmayer, Fink, the evil watch captain, and the secret agent at the Cathedral of Sigmar!
Update: only Poul Othmayer remains unaccounted for.

-the law firm of Othmayer and Finck, who provided the funding for Schmidt's expedition. Gregor Reuchlin, Elvyra's friend, works for them. He discovered the firm has a sinister new client which is trying to obtain wyrdstone. He gave Elvyra a number of names he suspects of involvement. He also stole some wyrdstone, and the red crown believed Elvyra had it (she doesn't).
Update: Gregor (probably) was mutated by wyrdstone, and has now been killed. The wyrdstone was found in his house along with a demonological scroll, and has been taken to the Cathedral of Sigmar. Father Tobius, the priest in charge of the Office of Investigations, intends to search Gregor's house for more evidence, and also raid the office of the law firm.
Update: the building had been emptied of files when the Sigmarites raided it, leading GT Yorri to suspect an informer at the cathedral of Sigmar. He gave Heinrich the addresses of the partners in the lawfirm: Poul Othmayer, 18 Spice Counter Row, off Volker Weg. Jonas Finck, 2b Braggart's Spike, a street not far from the university.
Update: Fink's house was empty, and deliberately trapped (including with a demon-summoning trap). Othmayer's contained a stash of bombs intended to be used to kill the Crown Prince of the Reikland, the Emperor's heir, on his visit to the city next month. Three cultists were in the process of moving the bombs to warehouse 48b, since they had been warned (by the insider at the Cathedral of Sigmar) of the impending raid. Two cultists were killed, and one captured and interrogated. The cultist named the leaders of the Red Crown as Othmayer, Fink, a college wizard, a captain of the watch, and someone at the Cathedral of Sigmar.
Update: Finck was captured alive at the safe house. Othmayer is still missing.
Update: the agent at the Cathedral was Sebastian, a scribe working for Tobius's Office of Investigations. He was apprehended, but was first impersonated by a dangerous demonic entity.

-  Heironymous Blitzen, a librarian at the university. Lives on Herman's Wake, near the north gate. (named as contact by Heinrich's brother, but as suspect by Gregor). Update: Blitzen is a wizard (and may be concealing this fact), and also grumpy. Update: Blitzen appears to be innocent: he helped finance Schmidt's expedition as an investment opportunity suggested by his friend Hollzauber, believing it to be a gold prospecting mission. Also, he is simply an amateur (and minor) wizard, rather than an evil sorcerer.

- Alberich Hollzauber, a wizard of the Jade College (suspect named by Gregor). The demonology books found in the rat-men lair had notes written on them about the use of Jade magic in conjunction with demonology. Update: Hollzauber was connected to the cult only because he was tricked into investing in Schmidt's expedition. His collegue Wolkenstein was the real traitor at the Jade College, and has been exposed.

- Captain Gustav Phorzheim of the city watch (suspect named by Gregor). No other information. The red crown cultist confirmed that a watch captain in the southern third of the city is a cult leader.
update: the captain was tricked into revealing himself as a cultist, and directed the group to a safe house at 9 Pigwalk Lane, not far from his watch station. He also revealed the cult's identification sign: Put your right hand to your forehead, and say 'the air is clear this day.' The response is to smile, blink twice, and say 'only under the bridge.'
Update: Phorzheim and many other cultists were captured alive at the safe house.

- warehouse 48b, by the docks in the eastern third of the city. Where Elvyra was to be taken by the red crown kidnappers. This is owned by the New Reikland Trading Company, based at 23 Wilhelmstrasse. The warehouse was bought recently through Othmayer and Finck. Update: Mortus has seen a concealed trap door in the warehouse. Update: the cultists planned to move the bombs here. Update: the Order of the Fiery Heart raided the warehouse, but it was rigged to explode.

- red crown symbols painted mysteriously all over the city. Heinrich traced them to a section of the sewers under the slums in the eastern third. He encountered rat-men, who appear to have painted the symbols. They were keeping human prisoners, branded with red crowns, for sacrifice and possibly also slavery. A tunnel was found that may connect to a deeper network of rat-men lairs. Update: the tunnel did indeed connect to the lair of even more rat-men, presumably an invasion force. The rat-men were destroyed (with the aid of the Knights of the Fiery Heart) and the tunnel collapsed. Demonolgy books of human make were found in the lair. No other evidence was found to connect the rat-men to the Red Crown. Update: the rat-men were allied to the Red Crown, which was arranged by the jade wizard Wolkenstein. However, the Cult's failure to obtain the warpstone caused the alliance to break down. The rat-men were painting symbols around the city in an attempt to expose the cult.

Speak to Elvyra Kleinestun in Grunburg about the cult of the Red Crown.

Deliver a letter from Arch-Lector Kaslain to Grand Theogonist Yorri in Altdorf.

Do something about corruption in Kemperbad.

Escort Gravin Maria-Ulrike to Kemperbad for her trial.

Go to Castle von Wittgenstein, in search of the wyrdstone.

Go to Dagmar von Wittgenstein's observatory in search of the wyrdstone comet.

Reach the wyrdstone comet in the Barren Hills before Etelka Herzen, Doktor Schmidt, and their expedition.

Defeat Doktor Schmidt, a demonologst.

Go to Nuln, and find Etelka Herzen and H. S. at Magnus College before they leave to find a wyrdstone comet in the Barren Hills. Alternately, go straight to the Barren Hills and try to arrive before them.

Speak to Father Anton at the cathedral to Sigmar in Nuln, regarding the evil sorcerers. The party have a letter of introduction from Father Albrect in Nuln.

Locate a demonologist at Magnus College, Nuln, who was involved with Teugen's plan.

Investigate Etelka Herzen, a contact of Teugen and suspected evil sorceress, who lives in Black Peaks Tower near Grissenwald.

Collect Kastor Liebenrung's inheritence money from a law firm in Nuln. Klaus has the documents.

Visit Kastor Liebenrung's inherited manor house in the Black Peaks, near Grissenwald. Klaus has the address and deeds.

Investigate the attacks on human farms near Grissenwald, and prove the dwarfs are innocent.

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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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Altdorf map!

1: Imperial palace and the Volkshalle
2: Cathedral of Sigmar
3: Konigplatz
4: University of Altdorf
5: Colleges of Magic
6: docks
7: Hall of Records
8: Law Courts
9: Tempelgarten
10: Dwarf Engineers's Guild
11: Imperial College of Engineering
12: Mercantile district
13: Slums

i: Tempelstrasse
ii: The Street of a Hundred Taverns
iii: Volker Weg
iv: Luitpoldstrasse

a: Emperor Karl-Franz bridge
b: Three-Toll bridge
c: Old Emperor's bridge
d: Eastern bridge
e: Sigmar bridge
f: Mourner's bridge
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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The city of Middenheim

Link to larger image


A Palast district

1 Middenpalaz
2 Konigsgarten
3 Square of Marshalls

B The Great Park

4 Bernabau Stadium
5 The Showboat

C Gafsmund-Nordgarten

6 The Prospect
7 The Graf's Repose
8 The Harvest Goose

D Ulricsmund

9 Plague Memorial
10 Temple of Ulric
11 Temple of Verena
12 Physicians' Guild
13 Komission for Non-humans
14 Begierbaden

E Altmarkt-Altquatier

15 Worshipful Guild of Legalists
16 The Last Drop
17 Fleischer's Slaughterhouse
18 Blazing Hearth

F Southgate-Ostwald

19 The Drowned Rat
20 Pfandleiher's Pawnbrokers
21 Labourers' Hospice
22 Dragon Ales Brewhouse

G Neumarket-Osttor

23 Royal College of Music
24 The Singing Moon
25 The Templar's Downfall
26 Komission for Health, Education and Welfare
27 Castle Rock Coaches

H Frieburg

28 Temple of Sigmar
29 The Scholar's
30 The Red Moon
31 The Wizards' and Alchemists' Guild
32 The Collegium Theologica

I The Wynd

33 Chapel of Grungni
34 Guild of Stonemasons and Architects
35 Komission for Public Works
36 Dwarfish Engineers' Guild
37 Windhund Haulage Company

J Westor-Sudgarten

38 Temple of Shallya
39 Temple of Myrmidia
40 Shrine of Morr
41 The Laughing Jackass

K Geldmund-Kaufseit-Brotkopfs

42 The Heaven's Lament
43 The Templar's Arms
44 Man o' War
45 Merchants' Guild
46 Komission for Commerce, Trade and Taxation
47 Staller's Stables
48 Wolfrun Coaches
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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Power behind the Throne
Information thread

The carnival ended on Festag the 21st of Sommerzeit, in the year 2512.

Current Middenheim objectives

All complete! Power Behind the Throne has been successfully concluded.

- Investigate the suspicious new taxes that Graf Boris has introduced. [progressing well!]

- Locate Gotthard von Wittgenstein. [found and arrested!]

- Investigate the Purple Hand cult, which is apparently based in Middenheim. [also progressing well!]

- defeat the demon known as The King. [done? maybe!]

- Deal with Bardin Dwinbarsson, Julian's enemy. [arrested and awaiting trial!]

Important people in Middenheim

The Todbringer family:

-Graf Boris Todbringer, Elector Count of Middenheim. Age 57. In mourning after his wife's death. Rarely seen. As ruler of the city, he is responsible for bringing the new taxes into law. He may have proposed them, either as his own idea or taking the suggestion of one of his court advisors. Only he can repeal the new tax laws. Rumoured to have a paramour at court!  [party have not met him yet]

-[Maria von Richthofen]. Graf Boris's first wife. Died giving birth to Stefan.

-[Anika-Elise Nikse]. Graf Boris's second wife. Dead for one year, from an unknown illness. Daughter of the Baron of Nordland.

-Stefan Todbringer. Age 40. Son and heir. Known to be ill. Under the care of Doctor Luigi Pavarotti, and seems to be improving. [party have not met him yet]

-Heinrich Todbringer. Age 41. Son (illegitimate). Has traveled widely on diplomatic missions for the city, and is currently engaged on one somewhere. Brought Luigi back from Miragliano to treat Stefan.  [party have not met him yet]

-Katarina Todbringer, known as 'the princess.' Age 19. Also illegitimate. Unmarried and very eligible. Guarded by her chaperone. Klaus saw her attending a performance at the Royal College of Music.

Hildegarde Zimperlich, chaperone to the princess. Hates Luigi. Klaus say her at the College of Music with the Princess. Her estranged nephew Bruno is a drug dealer.

Ar-Ulric, the high priest of the cult of Ulric and an Imperial Elector. Has not spoken out against the tax laws, to the great surprise of many. Attended the second day of challenge fights. Julian spoke to him - he refused to speak about the taxes, and was obviously in a state of considerable mental distress.

Chancellor Sparsam. Often blamed for the tax laws. Only interested in numbers. Boring. Lives at the Middenpalaz. Does enjoy opera, though he tries to avoid appearing in public due to being followed around by angry dwarfs. Also is a keen collector of antiques. Recently made a crude sexual advance on the Deputy High Wizard, Janna Eberhauer, greatly angering her. On consideration, she thinks this was very out of character for him. Also may have flirted with Petra, which again is unusual behaviour. Julian and Klaus obtained an audience with him at his rooms in the palace, by using his interest in antiques (Julian's magical sword and shield). He proved to be very sensitive to the subject of the taxes - as soon as they were mentioned, he left the room for a few moments, returning showing symptoms of drug use. He says he approved of the taxes on financial grounds, but changed his mind when subjected to angry demonstrations. He would like to speak out against the taxes, but feels unable for some reason...
Sparsam eventually admitted that he is addicted to a drug, which is brought to him once a week by a Miss Kenner. It was she who forced him to support the tax laws, by threatening to cut his supply otherwise. The group promised to help him. Julian determined that the drug is known as 'Ranald's Delight' or 'Laughing Powder,' and is commonly available though illegal.

The three Law Lords:

- Reiner Ehrlich. An advocate for social justice and the abolition of barbaric punishments. Klaus sent him a letter. His clerk (Wolfgang Schmidt) replied, saying Ehrlich was unable to meet him but offering to see Klaus himself. Klaus has now met the clerk: he says that the Law Lord is suffering from a minor but contagious ailment, and so is avoiding contact with everyone. He says that the new taxes had considerable support at the Graf's court. [party have not met him yet]

- Joachim Hoflich. An advocate for harsh treatment of criminals. [party have seen his portrait]. Sent his clerk to ensure that Julian, Heinrich, Admund and Ragni were severely whipped for their association with Bardin. The Midden Marshals are concerned by his unjustified intervention in watch business. Sentenced his own clerk to be whipped for what he did to the party, probably as a scapegoat. Attended the flogging, and appeared to enjoy watching it.

- Karl-Heinz Wasmeier. A moderate. Was a wizard before becoming a lawyer. Seems to favour the path of least resistance in political matters. Hinted to the High Wizard that he voted against the taxes (since he is a wizard himself). This means that the other two Law Lords must have voted in favour of them (assuming that Wasmeier was not lying to the High Wizard). Reportedly angry about Hoflich's interference in watch business over the Bardin affair. [party have not met him yet]

-They must have voted in favour of the taxes, or they could have delayed them indefinitely. The Law Lords draft all new legislation and present it to Graf Boris to be ratified into law. They make decisions by secret vote, and present those decisions as unanimous. If one dissents, he will not publicly reveal so. This means that at least two Law Lords voted in favour of the new taxes, and all three may have done. The Law Lords may have proposed the new tax laws, but this is not known.

The Midden Marshals, the three leaders of the military in Middenheim:

- Ulrich Schutzmann, Commander of the Watch. Rather a grim man. Present when Julian defeated the Graf's champion. Saw Admund beat the minotaur. Promised to investigate the handling of the Bardin matter.

- General Johann Schwermutt. Quite friendly. Also present at the champion challenge, standing in for the Graf. Also saw the minotaur fight.

- Marshal Maximilian von Genscher. Extremely tall and also quite friendly. Present at the archery tourney and the minotaur fight. Invited Admund to breakfast. His son Anton was trained by Dieter, and is in a relationship with Petra.

-The Midden Marshals are very concerned by the new taxes, which they see as highly destructive for the city. However, they are determined that the military should not be involved in politics, so are unsure how to act. They are hopeful that the party will find some solid evidence of treachery in the Graf's court, and will support the party when they can.

-The Marshals have inducted Admund into the watch, intending to use him to covertly investigate suspected threats to the city from foreign powers. The current focus of their suspicions is Gotthard Brant.

Stolz, the high priest of Sigmar. Very angry about the taxes, but ignored at the Graf's court. [party have not met him yet]

Albrecht Helseher, The High Wizard of the Wizards' and Alchemists' Guild. Angry about the taxes, but ignored. Klaus sent him a letter, and was given an appointment with his deputy.

Janna Eberhauer, Deputy High Wizard. Also angry about the taxes, and keen to do something. Has met Klaus, and likes him. She is keen to support the party's investigations into the taxes.

Luigi Pavarotti, The Tilean physician. Brought to the city by Heinrich Todbringer to treat his brother Stefan. Some suspect him of drugging Graf Boris. Said to have powers of hypnotism. Very loud, with a voracious appetite for food, drink, and women (is 'all over' the ladies of the court, and has even made some advances toward the princess). Uninterested in the taxes.

Court minstrel Rallane Lafarel, an elf. Many dwarfs blame him for the tax laws. Known to dislike dwarfs. A hedonist. Klaus sent him a letter, and he readily agreed to meet. Claims to be innocent regarding the taxes, and is very annoyed that so many people blame him. Is an extremely gifted singer and musician. Has feelings for the Princess, but knows it can never be.  On Klaus's advice, has now publicly stated the taxes are nothing to do with him. Friends with Dieter and Allavandrel.

Master of the Hunt Allavendrel Fanmaris, another elf. Also a hedonist. Dislikes dwarfs, judging by his reaction to Julian's victory at the challenges. An excellent archer, but lost to Heinrich in the first two days of the archery tourney. He was impressed by Heinrich's skill. Friends with Dieter and Rallane. Very concerned on learning that Dieter had been hypnotized into supporting the tax laws. Helped convince Dieter to seek treatment. Has decided to ask Rallane if he's seen the mysterious hypnotist around.

Petra Liebkosen, a lady of the court. Present at the challenge fight. Friends with Janna Eberhauer. A gossip. Suspects that the Graf has a paramour! Seems interested in Klaus (though she seems mainly to care about money). Having a petty fling with Anton von Genscher. Says the Chancellor flirted with her.

Kirsten Jung, a lady of the court. Fiance to Dieter Schmiedehammer.

Emmanuelle Schlagen, a lady of the court. Very beautiful. Easily offended by improper etiquette. May wish to leave high society. Says the Graf told her that the Chancellor was very keen on the new taxes.

Natasha Sinnlich, a lady of the court.

Dieter Schmiedehammer, (former) Graf's Champion. Was defeated by Julian during the traditional challenge fight. Took it very well, and wants to go for drinks with Julian. He is engaged to be married to Kirsten Jung, a lady of the court. They plan to buy a blacksmith's shop. Has expressed strange, out of character views in support of the tax laws. He was hypnotized into supporting the taxes! This compulsion has been removed by a hypnotist at the Guild of Physicians. He was hypnotized two months ago at the Showboat restaurant and bar, by a woman named Charlotte. Description: Red hair. Green eyes. Mid twenties. Medium build. About 5'6". Bretonnian accent. He was angry when he learned how he had been controlled. His first thought was to apologize to Kirsten for anything he may have said.

Gotthard Brant, Convenor of the Komission for Commerce, Trade and Taxation, Chairman of the Merchants' Guild. Lives close to the Komission, on Schmutzige Strasse (address known by party). Never seems to be at work or at home. Suspected of crimes (including slave trading) by the Watch Commander. The Middenmarshals suspect him of bringing about the new tax laws. [party have seen his portrait] [party have not met him yet]

The Knight Eternal, Sir Siegfried Prunkvoll. Holds a purely ceremonial post, dating back to the legendary founding of the city. It is said that Middenheim will never fall so long as it is protected by a man of absolute virtue and selflessness. He has a magical suit of armour that he wears at all public occasions. Pompous and obsessed with status and etiquette.

Other people of note

Mungrim Dalmrin, Priest of Grungni (and his initiate Jodur Gnagrum). Believes the Dwarf tax was devised by the chancellor. Surprised that Graf Boris would allow it, since he is known to respect dwarfs.

Thognar, clerk at the Komission for Non-humans. Collecting a petition against the Dwarf tax. Blames the elf minstrel Rallane.

Greta Udilier, clerk at the Komission for Commerce, Trade and Taxation. Overworked due to administering the new taxes, but generally approves of them (because the city needs the money to pay for the carnival). Annoyed by Komission Convenor Brant's shirking of his duties. Sick of explaining herself to angry dwarfs! Believes that Chancellor Sparzam invented the tax laws.

Yorri, a dwarf smith who helped the group fight the King, and is very friendly toward them. His wife is called Helga.

Ogrim Svenssonsson, a dwarf ore merchant tricked by Bardin into helping him. The party helped Ogrim avoid the legal repercussions of his accidental crime, and he is now very friendly toward them.

Uli, landlord of the Templar's Arms Inn where the party are staying. Has a barman called Kurt, a waitress called Renata, a handyman called Konrad, and a halfling cook called Tiasmara.

Sergeant Kratz of the South Gate Watch. Helped investigate the Bardin affair, and disapproved of the punishment the party suffered. Seems to like Admund.

Glugnur, a dwarf troll slayer. Also won a minotaur fight on the same day as Admund.

Lena, a young woman who is attracted to Max.

Doktor Hegel, the hypnotist at the Guild of Physicians who cured Dieter.

Doktor Glarean, an alchemist Mortus met in Ubersreik and has traveled with to Middenheim. She suspects him of being a cultist.

Nastassia Hess, a person whose name was given to Mortus as a contact. She was not at home when Mortus visited, but was left a message. She later met with Mortus at the Scholar's Inn, and revealed that she works to protect Middenheim from spies and assassins. She was surprised to learn of the purple hand cult, and intends to investigate. She also now suspects a link between the cult and the tax laws. Mortus can contact her by leaving a message with her housekeeper.

Fritz Schwanger, the owner of The Pit, a drug den in the Altquartier.

Bruno Kohl, a drug dealer based at The Pit. He is the estranged nephew of Hildegarde Zimperlich, the Princess's chaperone. He told the party what he knows of Miss Kenner (known to him as Elise), and sold them Laughing Powder for Sparsam.

van Ouwater, a gang leader who runs a protection racket in the Altquartier district. The group killed four of his enforcers at The Pit.

The Man, a gang leader in the Ostwald District.

Miss Kenner/Charlotte/Elise, an agent of whoever is behind the tax laws. She hypnotised Dieter into supporting them, and threatened the drug-addicted Sparsam into doing the same. She is very skilled in the use of disguises, but is known to be about 5'6" and has green eyes. She buys Laughing Powder for Sparsam every Festag evening from Bruno at The Pit. She has been seen with a thug called Hultz Fleischer at the Drowned Rat in the Ostwald district.

Hultz Fleischer, a minor criminal in the Ostwald district. Tall, with long black hair, green eyes, and warts on his hands. Has been seen more than once in the company of Miss Kenner, at the Drowned Rat inn. Lives in an abandoned house somewhere nearby.

Southgate Officers:
Captain Braun - Former captain on leave being disciplined for letting Law Lord Holfich interfere in watch business.

Captain Kratz - Former patrol sergeant who rescued Admund when Bardin shot him. Acting Captain per watch Commander

Duty Sergeant Konrad - Works the front desk/organizes the patrols. Assists Captain Kratz. Flogged Admund but friendly relationship now.

Sergeant Murner - Duty focused patrol sergeant that brought Brunehilde into custody with party.

Physician Helena - Southgate Medic. Took care of wounded after Windhund incident.

Hals - Present at Windhund. Fought zombies. Helped Admund drive cart of rescued people away from burning Windhund complex

Lukas - Present at Windhund. Fought zombies. Organized firefighting effort with Elrich.

Elrich - Present at Windhund. Vomited when he found the dead watchmen and prisoners in secret temple. Froze during entire zombie combat.

My Patrol:
Fritz - Fritz is middle-aged, bearded, short and stocky. He looks like an unusually tall dwarf. Helped me kill Gluckstein. Didn't like Admund until he fought Gluckstein's men in tunnels

Elsbeth - Tall woman with short, red hair. Duty focused.

Herman - Solemn young man with shaggy black hair and heavy eyebrows. Quick runner they call "Herman the hare".

Deceased Patrolmen at Windund
Sergeant Holm

The Taxes

- The new tax laws were passed by Graf Boris three weeks ago. Those entering or leaving the city have to pay now, but residents will pay at the end of the next week (at the end of the carnival). They will have to pay again at the end of every month.

- The three new taxes are: the Dwarf tax, the Scroll tax (on wizards), the Temple tax (on priests). The amounts levied are punitively high.

- Lawyers acting for the dwarfs have not been able to find legal grounds to challenge the tax laws.

- Tax evasion is harshly punished by civil law. The statutory penalty is a fine of twice the amount owed, plus two dozen lashes.

- The taxes require enormous amounts of additional paperwork. Both the Guild of Legalists and the Komission for Commerce, Trade and Taxation have hired dozens of new scribes, but are still struggling to cope with the workload.

- only Graf Boris can reverse the tax laws.

-Dieter Schmiedehammer, the former Graf's Champion, was hypnotized into supporting the tax laws by a mysterious woman. The hypnotist seems to be highly skilled in the art of disguise, and will probably be difficult to trace.

- Chancellor Sparsam was tricked into becoming addicted to a drug called Laughing Powder. This was then used to threaten him into supporting the taxes.

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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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Other notes

The dwarfs still make some use of the tunnels in the rock beneath the city. There are hidden entrances in the Chapel of Grungni and the Dwarf Engineers' Guild. They do not reveal this information to non-dwarfs.

The most dangerous areas of the city for gang violence are the Altquarter and Ostwald. Two inns are especially infamous: The Last Drop (Altquarter) and The Drowned Rat (Ostwald).

The Cult of the Purple Hand may have a connection to the Windhund Haulage Company, on Haupt Strasse in The Wynd, and its owner, Theodore Gluckstein. Theodore knew Kastor Liebenrung, an important member of the Purple Hand who is now dead. Two local firms, Castle Rock Coaches and Wolf Runner Coaches, have complained to the Komission for Commerce, Trade and Taxation about them, but an investigation cleared them. Also, a halfling phamacist called Velma Karbunkel (of Osstor) made a complaint against them only to withdraw it soon after.

Julian and Ragni found a secret laboratory in the disused tunnels below those occupied by dwarfs, guarded by a mutated giant lizard. In the lab, they were attacked by a wizard who they killed - he had a Purple Hand tattoo. Julian found a letter that suggests a connection between the Wittgensteins and the Purple Hand:

Link to letter: http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=42718.msg798088#msg798088

Gotthard von Wittgenstein is probably living in Middenheim, and was suspected by the Red Crown of being a member of the Purple Hand. The party saw a childhood portrait of Gotthard while at Castle Wittgenstein, but may not recognise him from it.

Bardin Dwinbarsson arrived in Middenheim on Bezahltag the 10th of Sommerzeit, paying the dwarf tax only under protest. He then spent much of the next day complaining to various city officials about the taxes, including Thognar at the Komission for Non-humans. He does not own the two warehouses used in his plot to kidnap first Heinrich then Max. Instead, both belong to Ogrim Svenssonsson, a ore merchant of 47 Haupt Strasse, The Wynd. Dwinbarsson himself owns no property in Middenheim.
Update: Bardin was not at Svenssonsson's house. However, a dwarf matching his description was seen calling on Svenssonsson. He was later seen buying something at Steifel's Alchemical Emporium in Freiburg. The package was to be delivered to The Scholar's Inn [location 29].
Update: Ogrim Svenssonsson was not Bardin's accomplice, but had been tricked by him.
Update: Julian challenged Bardin to a duel, and won (choosing not to kill him). He was poisoned in the process, almost dying. Admund and Ragni raided Bardin's room, finding an antidote to the poison but also inadvertently setting off a bomb. Admund got the antidote to Max, who used it to cure Julian. Ragni drew the pursuing watch away, and was whipped as a punishment.
The group turned Bardin over to the watch, after planting evidence on him that he was a spy. Julian was also arrested, and later Admund, Heinrich and Ragni were also. Bardin was removed for trial by the high court on charges of espionage and sabotage. Julian was whipped for illegal duelling, while Heinrich, Admund and Ragni were also whipped on spurious charges. Max promised to seek legal redress.
Max sent letter to everyone he could think of, stirring up trouble. As a result, the watch captain who ordered the flogging was relieved of duty, and reportedly also whipped. The clerk from Hoflich's office was whipped too, at Hoflich's order. Heinrich administered the whipping himself.

The demon known as 'The King' appeared to Heinrich, Julian, Admund and Ragni while they were searching for Bardin at night. They attacked the King, and after a difficult battle, seemed to destroy it!

Julian offered Yorri and Helga (two dwarfs who helped them during and after the battle with the King) jobs if the taxes force them to leave Middenheim. He gave Yorri a note for Billy.

Julian defeated the Graf's champion, and will take his place as defending champion for the remaining challenge fights. He defended his title on day two.

Heinrich won the first and second days of the archery tourney.

Admund defeated a minotaur at the stadium, impressing the Midden Marshals!

Mortus has at last arrived in Middenheim, in the company of Doktor Glarean, the alchemist she met in Ubersreik. Both are staying at the Scholar's Inn.

A program of carnival events

The carnival is now over!

Day one: Wellentag

Challenges to the champion - square of martials, 11am-1pm    (won by Julian)

Festival of fine ales - great park, noon-11pm

Elven gymnasts - royal gardens, 2-4pm

Archery tourney - square of martials, 2-4pm      (won by Heinrich)

Matinee of bards and poets - royal college of music, 2-5pm

Minotaur fights - bernbau stadium, 5-6pm   (Admund beat a minotaur)

Play: a Midsummer Knight's Dream - royal gardens, 7-9pm

Opera recitals - royal college of music, 7-10pm

Day two: Aubentag

Challenges to the champion - square of martials, 11am-1pm    (won by Julian)

Festival of fine ales - great park, noon-11pm

Elven gymnasts - royal gardens, 2-4pm

Archery tourney - square of martials, 2-4pm    (won by Heinrich, though jointly with a boy called Jacob)

Minotaur fights - bernbau stadium, 5-6pm

Matinee of bards and poets - royal college of music, 4-6pm

Opera: The Barbarian of Seville - royal college of music, 7-10pm

Elven lightsingers - royal gardens, 8-10pm

Day three: Marktag   

Challenges to the champion (the final!) - square of martials, 11am-1pm  Julian won! He is the Graf's new champion

Firebreathers - bernbau stadium, noon-1pm

Festival of fine ales - great park, noon-11pm

Archery tourney - square of martials, 2-4pm    Heinrich became overall archery champion!

The Garden Party, plus pageant of mummers and improvisational theatre - royal gardens, 2-8pm

Dwarvern valley choirs - royal college of music, 2-4pm

Minotaur fights - bernbau stadium, 5-6pm

Matinee of bards and poets - royal college of music, 4-6pm

Elephant show - square of martials, 5-7pm

Opera: The Barbarian of Seville - royal college of music, 7-10pm

Day four: Backertag   

Basic sword-fighting training session - square of martials, 11am-1pm

Firebreathers - bernbau stadium, noon-1pm

Druidic life-sculpting - royal gardens, 2-4pm

Horse Fair - great park, 2-6pm

Dwarvern valley choirs - royal college of music, 3-5pm

Snotling football - bernabau stadium, 3-5pm and 6-8pm

Elephant show - square of martials, 5-7pm

Opera: The Barbarian of Seville - royal college of music, 7-10pm

Day five: Bezahltag

Ice dancing - square of martials, 11am-2pm

Firebreathers - bernbau stadium, noon-1pm

Druidic life-sculpting - royal gardens, 2-4pm

Red arrows flying displays - great park, 2-4pm

Snotling football - bernabau stadium, 3-5pm and 6-8pm

Elven lightsingers - royal college of music, 3-5pm

Exhibition of heraldic arts - square of martials, 5-6pm

Opera: The Barbarian of Seville - royal college of music, 7-10pm

Day six: Konigstag

Ice dancing - square of martials, 11am-2pm

Luccinian liturgical choir - royal college of music, 2-4pm

Snotling football - bernabau stadium, 2-4pm and 5-7pm

Jousting and pageants - great park, 2-6pm

Exhibition of heraldic arts - square of martials, 5-6pm

Opera: The Barbarian of Seville - royal college of music, 7-10pm

Black pool illuminations - great park, 9-11pm

Day seven: Angestag

Water polo tourney - square of martials, 11am-12.30pm

Snotling football cup final - bernbau stadium, 2-4pm

Luccinian liturgical choir - royal college of music, 2-4pm

Jousting and pageants - great park, 2-6pm

Opera: The Ring of the Nibble Unger Lied (part 1) - royal college of music, 6pm-midnight

Black pool illuminations - great park, 9-11pm

Day eight: Festag  (end of the carnival!)

Induction to the Order of the Panther - square of martials, 12pm Each member of the party was made a Knight Panther

Jousting and pageants - great park, 2-6pm

Opera: The Ring of the Nibble Unger Lied (part 2) - royal college of music, 6pm-midnight

Black pool illuminations (grand finale) - great park, 9-11pm
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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Changes in Middenheim since Power Behind the Throne

Ar-Ulric, true to his word to Julian, announces his resignation in front of a full congregation at the Temple of Ulric. He cites his poor judgement in failing to oppose the tax laws as the reason for his resignation, and says that he intends to leave the city for a retreat in Nordland. His successor will be chosen by the synod, but in the interim his deputy Waldemar Schwiebus will take over as Ar-Ulric.

Chancellor Sparsam retires due to ill health. As his replacement, the Graf appoints a well-respected dwarf economist, Hargin Mordinsson. One of Mordinsson's first acts is to announce an investigation into the links between the Merchants' Guild and the Kommission for Taxation and Commerce. He declares that Gotthard Brant's control over both has resulted in serious corruption, which he intends to exterminate. The resulting (very thorough) audit breaks the stranglehold that a small number of merchant houses had developed over the city's trade. The treasury is swollen with previously unpaid import and export duties.

There are also two vacant positions for Law Lords. Hoflich's death is common knowledge, but Wasmeier's situation is more complex - neither the Graf nor the Wizards' Guild want it known that such a prominent man was behind a plot to take over the city. For the moment, he's been declared as missing, presumed murdered by the conspirators. The Graf chooses two leading lawyers to become the new Law Lords. Helga Stormaxe (a dwarf) made a name for herself in the protracted Bullinger versus Stumpf case. The second appointee, Hans Stammheim, has spent many years as a judge in the Altquartier District Court.

Gotthard Brandt and his fellow cultists were tried and executed.

property owned by the party

Ulrun owns a house in Middenheim at 8 Misthollow Lane, Freiburg district. His halfling apprentice/servant Petey Greenburrow lives there.

Klaus (along with Max) purchased an inn on Ostgarten Wegin the Frieburg district of Middenheim, overlooking the Great Park. Klaus renamed it The Stonebridge.

Admund bought a house at 14 Wolfskinners Walk in the Ulricsmund District.

Julian purchased a business premise in the Wynd district, not far from the Chapel of Grungni, as the offices of Stonebridge Associates. He hired a team of engineers, clerks and guards, and contracted a small team of young wizards to research magical alarms for use in buildings. With the contract money from the Graf, he sent out a surveying team to locate site for the semaphore towers that will run from Middenheim to Altdorf. Max and Ragni also invested in the business.

Events in the Empire

Werner Stolz, High Priest of the Temple of Sigmar in Middenheim, returns with great ceremony from his trip to Altdorf, and nails the following message to the doors of the Temple of Sigmar.

His Supreme Holiness, Grand Theogonist Yorri XV, by virtue of his authority as Sigmar's voice on earth, does hereby place the City of Middenheim under Interdict for its disgraceful and unjust taxation of Sigmar's church, and also of Sigmar's brothers the dwarfs. Therefore the rites and services of the church of Sigmar are withdrawn from the city of Middenheim, and his Supreme Holiness urges the people to piously express their anger at this unholy tax.

Stolz is rather disappointed to learn that the tax has already been repealed. Even so, he insists that the interdict stands until the Grand Theogonist revokes it. Acting Ar-Ulric Waldemar responds by issuing his own interdict, to be sent to Altdorf. Graf Boris intervenes, asking Waldemar to delay action until the Grand Theogonist has been informed that the taxes are repealed. Accordingly, Heinrich Todbringer departs the city for Altdorf.

In the meantime, tensions escalate between followers of the two churches.

Emperor Karl-Franz continues to drift in and out of illness.

The Electors of Ostland and Talabecland are on the brink of declaring war on each other.

The Emperor's edict calling for the toleration of mutants continues to be controversial.
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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Marienburg objectives

1) Speak to the elves of Clan Lianllach about the three evil elves the party killed. Try to appease the clan's anger, and investigate the possibility that dark elves have infiltrated them.

From the Council of Wavemasters of Clan Lianllach, to the Graf of Middenheim,

Word has reached us of the suspicious deaths in your city of three of our citizens. These three, named as Cassilda, Camilla and Aralldor, traveled to Middenheim on legitimate commercial business. Yet we hear that all three were killed. This is an outrage. We of Clan Lianllach demand a full explanation of the circumstances of these deaths, along with reparations if you cannot show just cause. In the absence of such an explanation, we intend to loby the Directorate to impose sanctions on the City of Middenheim.

2)Locate Etelka Herzen, former Red Crown cultist, who sent this letter to the traitor Wasmeier: [completed!]

To the M.M.

Since I was unsure how to contact you directly, I am sending this letter to the offices of Windhund Haulage in the city of Middenheim. I believe that the good people there will ensure you receive it.

I was until recently a member in good standing of an organization similar to yours. You will be aware of it, I think - the two share a common goal, and a common religious affiliation. They differ in their approach to achieving that goal, and as such have sometimes been in conflict. Such competition is good, but in any competition there must be losers as well as winners.

I have come to believe that your organization are the winners. I have therefore renounced my old affiliation. Yet I have not renounced my faith, nor our common goal. No, I have only decided to leave a losing team. I have much to offer your organization: not least my knowledge of my old associates and their plans, but also my many contacts across The Empire. I feel sure that we should meet.

Circumstance has brought me to Marienburg, beyond the reach of my former comrades who bear me a certain amount of ill will. Here I intend to establish a new chapter of your organization, which I hope will receive your blessing. I invite you to contact me at my temporary address: the Red Cock Inn, in the Guilderveld district of Marienburg.

Yours in devotion to the concept of change,


3) Investigate sender of this letter (about the Liber Mortis, a forbidden work on necromancy) that was found in the possession of the traitor Wasmeier: [completed!]

Dear sir,

I was most excited to receive the sample transcriptions from the Pfefferkorn work. I am now convinced that I must own it, and thus I agree to all your terms. I invite you to have your agent make contact at your convenience, so that we may finalise the deal.

Sybo Haan, of Sybo's Mystic Emporium.
Guilderveld, Marienburg.

[Note: Admund's prophetic dream, from Morr - http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=42718.msg928534#msg928534]

4) Investigate the political movement called 'The New Millenialists' to discover if they are a plot by Marienburg to destabilize The Empire. Their posters have all been printed at Otto's Printworks, in the Tempelwijk district.

The party intend to travel to Marienburg as merchants, and also as emissaries of the Graf of Middenheim.

They left the city on Marktag the 7th of Vorgeheim.

They are traveling with three carts: one contains supplies and personal effects. The other two contain fine dwarf-made weapons and jewelry, purchased for 5000 crowns.
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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The Wasteland:

Alternate version from Crisis in Marienburg:

The city:

Alternate version from Crisis in Marienburg:

Alternate colour map

Suiddock map:
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Re: Shadows over Bogenhafen game information thread
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Marienburg notes

- Festag the 20th of Vorgeheim (evening): party arrives in the city. They stay the night at the Salted Salmon inn in Ostmuur ward.

- Wellentag the 21st of Vorgeheim: The party head to Suiddock to visit the Import-Export Exchange, but find it closed due to a holy day. At the docks, they find Billy Harefoot and the Faithful Hound. Billy has an urgent message for Heinrich: his brother calls him back to Altdorf. Before the boat leaves, Hans Bauer (a witch hunter, but using a false name and claiming to be a tax official) tries to delay them. The Hound departs anyway. Hans returns with Captain Graveland of the Suiddock watch, who takes the party in for questioning.

It transpires that, due to a tip-off, a package has been found aboard the Hound, containing heretical materials (a Red Crown medallion, inscribed with the initials K. M.; also a book, 'The City of Perfect Truth,' known to relate to the worship of the Ruinous Powers. Both stank of perfume). Hans found the package, and captured the thief who placed it on the boat. The thief confessed to being paid by a man named Klaus and his party (a dwarf, a girl, a ginger-haired boy). The thief was killed while in his cell, perhaps by magic.

The party guess that they have been set up by Etelka Herzen, the sorceress and cultist they are pursuing (among their other objectives). The perfume is recognisably hers, as is the fixation on Klaus over her other enemies. Graveland believes them, and asks Hans Bauer to work with them in locating Herzen. He says that the tip-off came from Trancas, an elf famous as an information broker, who operates from the Three of a Kind on Elfgate Bridge.

Trancas tells them that the tip came to him from Adalbert Henschmann, master of the League of Gentlemen Entrepreneurs (a guild of thieves), who can be found at the Gentlemen's Club near Threepenny Bridge in Suiddock. Henschmann specifically asked Trancas to pass the tip to Graveland.

On leaving the Three of a Kind, the party find the streets clouded in fog, and hear muffled cried for help. Following the sounds, they come upon a magical blue fire burning in the street, with the fog held back in a ring around it. Six zombies, risen from the sea, are attacking the townspeople, apparently controlled by a hooded figure on a rowing boat. The party defeat the zombies, saving all the townsfolk (though some are injured). They succeed in capturing the hooded figure, who turns out to be an elf. He was searched, and was carrying a silver ring (in the shape of alternating sharks and dolphins) and a silver amulet inscribed with elvish script. Mortus found both to be magical.

Julian, Hans and Ragni took the elf to the Temple of Morr in Tempelwijk, using the elf's rowing boat. The priests imprisoned him there, intending to keep the capture of an elf secret to prevent Elftown from demanding custody. Julian and Hans provoked the elf into admitting his name (Naeryndam of Clan Lianllach, Lord of the Silver Isles) and into attempting to cast a necromantic spell. This was witnessed by Sister Liesbeth Noordam of the temple.

Mortus, Admund and Max remained in Guilderweld, and spoke to the watch. They were thanked for their efforts by a man named Groenewoud, among others. A physician called Doktor Breedveld tried to have Max arrested for giving medical treatment without guild membership, but the watch refused. The Temple of Morr sent priests and initiates to collect the remains of the zombies. One priest, Father Gustaaf, spoke to Admund, Mortus and Max. He examined the elf's magical items: the ring is enchanted to protect the wearer while at sea. The amulet has dark powers that he could not elucidate.

The party rejoined at the Temple of Morr in Tempelwijk.
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